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First and Foremost, a very special thank you needs to go to Mrs. Irene (French) Braswell for giving me permission to  continue the legacy of the family history Joyce Ann Braswell set forth by her husband, Dr. Roy Bennett Braswell. This edition of the book  would not have been possible without her help, support and  advice. She sent certificates, pictures, addresses, updates on where people were, and the dates of those who had passed away. Thanks also needs to be extended to Edna (Braswell) Bridewell for her help with identification of the children of William Francis and Ada Braswell in photos, double checking  dates from the family bible and her help with the dates of passing of her sisters and brothers. Both ladies have been a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement without which this job would have been almost next to impossible.  

My thanks also go (posthumously) to Hildon Basil Braswell for making his book and vast knowledge of the Braswell family available to me, as well as pictures that had been sent to him through the years and for all his support and suggestions. Van T. Gray also deserves my thanks for his help with the family information of Julia Ann (Braswell) Russell, it couldn't have been done without him. He's also been a great help in the search for information on Virginia (Scruggs) Yarborough Braswell.  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m

Finally, but certainly not least, thanks to my parents, Elizabeth(Armstrong) and Samuel Coleman Braswell, for allowing me the use of their computers and their knowledge of same. This computerized edition would not have been possible without their instruction and patience with me in the use of said "monsters". They also deserve a purple heart for all the time, advice, help and office space (not to mention mountains of computer paper) they donated to the cause.

I did my best to locate as many Braswell cousins as possible. Aunt Irene and Aunt Edna provided me with as many addresses as they could find, and I wrote everyone on the lists (in some cases, two and three times). Unfortunately, I didn't receive answers to many of the letters that were sent out. Therefore, for those of you who took the time to respond and assist me with your family's information, thank you. If some of you looking through this edition find your record was not updated, please know that I tried to reach at least one member of each of William Francis and Ada Braswell's sixteen children and or their descendants.  Obviously whoever 
I tried to reach in your branch either did not respond, or could not be located.  I would appreciate any information you couldprovide on your family.  mmmmm  mmmmmm   mmmm    mmmmmmm   mmmm    mmm   m

An effort has been made to remain true to the original text of Uncle Roy's book, however, a few changes were made. When I originally began computerizing the book, I noticed that several of the lineages had a common ancestor and I thought it might be a good idea to group these together. Then, to save space, I thought I might combine these under their common progenitor. Little did I know what I was getting myself in to! But, I was already committed and had to follow through.

Section I is the same as before. It follows the direct line which now extends from Edmund Bracewell, through Reverend Robert Bracewell and on down through William Francis Braswell. Section II contains the lineages of Braswell families that can be traced back to the children of the Reverend Robert Bracewell and his wife Rebecca, namely Jane Bracewell, Robert Bracewell, Jr., and Richard Bracewell. I have included family trees in this section to help clarify the lineages as several of these family's have branches that shoot off in several directions. Section III contains family information on Braswell lineages that need further research to determine where they fit on the family tree. Some connections were discovered only after I began indexing and a note has been made on the appropriate records. In the next printing they will be combined with their family tree. 

One detail that may need clarification, is how the lineages work. Most of the lineages are in generational form, i.e.   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m

1. Jacob BRASWELL (see page 56 for complete record)  mmmm  mm  m
2. Dr. Jacob BRASWELL, son of Jacob and Nancy BRASWELL  mmm 
3. Dr. John BRASWELL, son of Jacob and Parthenia BRASWELL  mm 

and so on to the last generation in that family's record. Some of the lineages were so in depth that I had to use an outline form, i.e.    m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m 

A.  Julia Ann BRASWELL (see page 69 for complete record) married 
 Carol Newton Russell, their children:  mmmm   mmmm   mm   mm  m
m   1. Nellie Boyd Russell was born...
  2. Vertie Lee Russell was born...and married Adolpus McNutt,  m  m  
  m   mtheir children:  mmmmmmm   mmm   m    m     m  mmmmm  mm  
    mm   a. James R. McNutt
  m   m  b. LaVertie McNutt

In Section II especially, this distinction becomes very important. I've tried to make it as clear as possible, and hope I have succeeded. If you see a numeral in the far left margin, the record is generational, if you see a letter, it is in outline form and is a child of the person listed above who has a number in the far left margin. There are a few exceptions to this, but I think they are clear enough not to warrant special mention.  m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m

Another new feature is one that was begun by Uncle Roy in earlier books and that is Braswells in the military service. I have gone through all the family records and made an entry in this section of any family member with the surname of Braswell (or it's derivative) who served in the military during times of conflict from the earliest Colonial Wars through the current conflict in the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately, I have only been able to locate servicemen and women through Korea, if anyone knows of a Braswell who served in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama or Desert Shield/Desert Storm (or was missed in an earlier record) please contact me with his/her information.  m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m   m  m   m  m   m  m

The only other changes you'll notice are the chapters on early court records, family bibles and historical (family) stories. Most of these are in the original books, they have just been moved to their own chapter. The census reports are also listed in the back, but for obvious reasons, are indexed by state, rather than by name, with the exceptions of the direct ancestors of William Francis Braswell.

A final point needing to be mentioned, is this book is meant to aid people in the search for their Braswell ancestors. The price of this book is based only on the cost of printing, binding and postage. Due to the astounding growth and subsequent problems in the Genealogy Industry, it has become necessary to protect the legacy given this book, and this family, through the many years of research by Dr. Roy Bennett Braswell and his wife, Irene (French) Braswell. This protection also provides for continuing contributions made by myself and for the future work of approved family historians to follow. Portions of this book may still be freely used, but this book in it's entirety (or majority) may not be reproduced and/or copyrighted in any form including, but not limited to, electronic retrieval systems. It may not be sold without express permission at cost or for profit. We also ask that you let us know if you quote from any portion of this work in other material, regardless if it is to be sold and/or copyrighted, and that you give proper credit to the source.  m   m  m   m  m   m 

Joyce Ann Braswell
October, 1990
Table of Contents

Ed. Note. The next edition covering the period from October, 1990 through 2003 is crrently being updated and revised. This 
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