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The 1970's
1975-1975 - 1977


Hope to have "big" pictures up soon. Please keep checking!

AMEX & Class VI

Base Commander's Quarters

Base Housing

Bicentennial Fair

Steam Engine At The Fair

Brass Rubbing Shop

The Old BX at Chicksands

The New BX

Base Chapel at The Sands

Dependent's School

National Meal of Texas, Chicken Fried Steak served up at the Dining Hall

FLR-9 The "Elephant Cage"

FKR-9 "Elephant Cage"

Fox Dorm at Chix

Main Area at Chicksands

NCO Club


Ops Bldg

Ops, front


Chicksands Pond

Base Post Office

Priory Courtyard

Chicksands Priory Falls

The Priory

A Ray of Sunshine at the Priory

Rec Center

The River Flit

Chicksands Rod and Gun Club

Snow Storm at the Sands

Betty Korzets

Dave Beasley

Bill Damron

Heather Campbell

Hedie Stewart Phife

John Stanwood - Greg Schoenborn

John - Steve - Tim

Kathy (Squeaky) Heywood

Kevin Schmidt - Henry Swartzberg

Phil Williams, SP

Steve Wood

Rose and Candy

Dawg Flight Soccor

Dawg Flight Baseball

Dawg Flight Rugby


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And that's the way we were!