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1. Robert Eley III, son of Jane (BRACEWELL) Stokes and second husband Robert Eley II, married Martha Daughtie. Their children:

Robert Eley IV, Son Of Robert Eley III

1. Robert Eley IV, eldest son of Robert Eley III and Martha Daughtie, and gt-grandson of Reverend ROBERT BRACEWELL, Sr., married Alice Gale in 1732 (?). Their children:

2. Alice Eley, daughter of Robert IV and Alice, married Hardy Darden. Their children:

3. Alice Darden, daughter of Alice Eley and Hardy Darden, married James M. Holland. The children of Alice and James:

4. Hardy Darden Holland, son of Alice and James, married Jane (?). Their daughter:

5. Sarah Holland, daughter of Hardy and Jane, married William Gray Gwaltney. William was born in the Isle of Wight. Their children:

6. Oceana Winfred Gwaltney, daughter of Sarah and William, married Samuel Edwin West, a Confederate soldier. They had six children:

7. Grace West, daughter of Oceana and Samuel, married James R. MacLamroc. James was born February 10, 1909. The children of Grace and James:

8. James Gwaltney Westwarren MacLamroc, son of Grace and James, was born January 19, 1905 in Greensboro, North Carolina. On January 19, 1945 he married Maxine Pugh, who was born October 18, 1919, Gray's Chapel, Randolph County, North Carolina. Their children:

   Eli (Edward) Eley, Son Of Robert Eley III

1. Eli (Edward) Eley, fifth child of Robert Eley III and Martha Daughtie, and a grandson of Jane BRACEWELL, married Annie Lawrence. Their son:

2. Samuel Eley married Marry Hillsman.

3. Annie Eley, daughter of Samuel and Marry Eley, married John Johnson.

4. Jesse Johnson, son of Annie and John, married Lucy Webb Barnett.

5. Samuel Eley Johnson, Sr., son of Jesse and Lucy, married Elizabeth Barnett.

6. Samuel Eley Johnson, Jr., son of Samuel and Elizabeth, married Rebekah Baines.

7. Lyndon Baines Johnson, son of Samuel and Rebekah, was born August 27, 1908 near Stonewall, Texas. He married Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor who was born in 1912. Lyndon B. Johnson served as the thirty-sixth President of the United States from 1963-1969. His home was a ranch near Johnson City and he died in San Antonio, Texas, January 22, 1973. Their children:


In "A FAMILY ALBUM" by Rebekah Baines Johnson, mother of the President, the following was given:

"John Johnson was living in Oglethrope County, Georgia in 1795. The records of Oglethrope, Henry, and Green Counties, Georgia, show John's residence in these counties until his death in March 1828. He was of English descent, and his residence before 1795 was North Carolina. His first wife, the mother of his six children, was Anne Eley. He married for the second time in Green County, May 24, 1823, Joicy Bowdrie Fears."

"He participated in the Land Lottery of 1827 and was awarded 202 1/2 acres in Lee County. His service in the Revolutionary War is recorded in the Survey Book and Grant Book in the Georgia State House."


Mr. James MacLamroc, attorney- at- law of Greensboro, North Carolina, sent this information in 1976. In his work he stated that he was a sixth cousin, once removed, to President Lyndon Baines Johnson.




 The following pages contain more lineages of some of ROBERT BRACEWELL JR.'s children and their descendants. ROBERT BRACEWELL, JR is a direct ancestor of the author as are his sons WILLIAM BRACEWELL, SR. and WILLIAM BRACEWELL, JR.

1. WILLIAM BRACEWELL (1680-1720), was born in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia, was the son of ROBERT BRACEWELL, JR. WILLIAM's wife was MARY. See page 11. The children of WILLIAM and MARY:

2. WILLIAM BRACEWELL, JR. (1707-1785) was born in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He married MARGARET and changed the spelling of his last name from BRACEWELL to BRASWELL around 1728 (see page 13). The children of WILLIAM and MARGARET:

3. William BRASWELL (1733-?) was born probably in Chowan County, North Carolina. His wife was Martha. Three of their children:


1. Jacob BRASWELL, son of William and Martha, was born March 7, 1763 (1760?) in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and died July 9, 1837. On July 9, 1789 he married Nancy Cotton, born December 3, 1772, and died July 1855. Jacob served in the American Revolutionary War. The children of Jacob and Nancy:


1. Dr. Jacob BRASWELL, Jr., son of Jacob and Nancy, was born December 6, 1795, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and died July 25, 1837. In 1789 he married Parthenia Cotton who was born about 1800, Warren County, North Carolina, and died 1830 in Henry County, Tennessee. Her parent were Soloman and Priscilla Macon (Hawkins) Cotton.

2. Dr. John Crockett BRASWELL, son of Jacob and Parthenia, was born September 28, 1828, Henrico County, Tennessee, and died October 21, 1893. On December 16, 1852, he married Mary Macon Hamlin who was born December 26, 1835, in North Carolina, and died in Calloway County, Kentucky. Her parents were Peter and Ann (Michaux) Hamlin Stanback. (See page 128- connection found.)

3. Emma Myrtle BRASWELL, daughter of John and Mary, was born October 30, 1859, in Kentucky and died April 3, 1898. She married James Patterson Fisher who was born about 1847 and died October 23, 1909, in Paris, Tennessee.

4. Emma Myrtle Fisher, daughter of Emma and James, was born March 10, 1887, in Paris, Tennessee, and died October 24, 1963, in Detroit, Michigan. December 22, 1907, she married Thomas Walthall Roberts who was born March 31,

1873, Weakly County, Tennessee, and died May 1, 1948. Two of their children:

Fisher Bill Roberts, Son of Emma Myrtle (Fisher) Roberts

1. Fisher Bill Roberts was born May 6, 1917, Paris, Tennessee, and died December 11, 1979, in Kent, Ohio. June 24, 1939, he married Kathryn Jean Danna who was born January 25, 1917, in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents were Anthony and Liboris (Curro) Danna. The children of Bill and Kathryn:

2. Diana Francis Roberts was born September 10, 1940, in Wayne County, Michigan. On December 26, 1959, she married Edward John Glassner who was born November 15, (?) in Summit County, Ohio. Their children:

This information was provided by Mrs. Diana Glassner of Kent, Ohio.

Mary Lou Roberts, Daughter of Emma Myrtle (Fisher) Roberts

1. Mary Lou Roberts married Francis Raymond Allen in 1935. He was born February 22, 1901, in Mt. View, Oklahoma, and died July 1, 1947.

2. Gary Allen, son of Mary Lou and Francis, was born July 27, 1936, Punta Gorda, Florida, and married Sharon (?) on February 6, 1972. Sharon was born June 13, 1950 in, Snyder, Texas. Their children:

This information was furnished by Gary Allen of Howell, Michigan.



1. Temperance BRASWELL, daughter of Jacob and Nancy BRASWELL, was born August 14, 1805, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. She married Redmond Lodge on January 4, 1830. Redmond was born about 1805 in Edgecombe County. Their children:

Margaret Lodge, Daughter of Temperance (BRASWELL) Lodge

1. Margaret Lodge, born 1830 or 1831 in North Carolina, married James King who was born 1818 in North Carolina.

2. Martha Jane King, daughter of Margaret and James King, was born May 30, 1869, in Arkansas. She married Jesse Benjamin Wisinger who was born December 22, 1847, in Arkansas.

3. Minnie Ola Wisinger, daughter of Martha and Jesse, was born May 4, 1883, in Ida, Louisiana and died May 15, 1975, Shreveport, Louisiana. November 5, 1899, she married Charles Forshee, born November 4, 1879, Miller County, Arkansas, and died May 14, 1966, Shreveport, Louisiana.

4. Stanley Jennings Forshee, son of Minnie and Charles, was born December 3, 1908, Ida, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He married Alma Hazel Edwards on June 15, 1932. Alma was born July 14, 1916, in Sabine Parish. She was the daughter of Edward Edmond and Floy Edna Parker.

5. Nelda Forshee, daughter of Stanley and Alma Forshee, was born February 12, 1938, Rusk County, Texas, and married Jaromir Charles Zbranek on September 26, 1958. Jaromir Charles Zbranek was born March 25, 1930, Harris County, Texas, he is an attorney. Their children:

Thresa Lodge, daughter of Temperance (BRASWELL) Lodge

1. Thresa Lodge was born October 3, 1844, and died on her birthday in 1921 in Malvern, Arkansas. Thresa married John J. Tarvin, born January 1844 in Union County, Arkansas, and died December 26, 1909, in Malvern, Arkansas. They were married May 12, 1864, Arkansas, Confederate States of America.

2. Lerah Annabelle Tarvin, daughter of Thresa and John Tarvin, was born April 28, 1866, in Calhoun County, Arkansas, C.S.A., and died May 6, 1936, Malvern, Arkansas. Lerah married Robert Pinckney Goodman. Robert was born September 22, 1863, Hot Springs, Arkansas, C.S.A., and died August 20, 1946, in Malvern.

3. Conney H. Goodman, son of Lerah and Robert Goodman, was born May 25, 1888, Hot Springs, Arkansas, and died January 12, 1919, in Malvern. He married Rachel Elizabeth Reed who was born September 19, 1881, in Hot Springs and died July 30, 1965, in Malvern. She was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann (Worley) Reed.

4. Lucile Goodman, daughter of Conney and Rachel Goodman, was born February 26, 1913, in Malvern. Lucile married Norman Henry Mason, born August 12, 1910, Piggott, Arkansas, and died December 10, 1965, in Malvern. They were married January 1, 1939.

5. Elizabeth Mason, daughter of Lucile and Norman Mason, was born February 7, 1941, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. On November 29, 1968, she married Bobby Dean McGuyer, born November 18, 1930, in Klomdike, Texas.

In 1980 the home of Mrs. Elizabeth McGuyer was Seffner, Florida.



1. William BRASWELL (1760-1844), was the second son of William Braswell (1733-?) and his wife Martha. He purchased 150 acres of land in Robinson County, North Carolina, on February 18, 1778. There was no record of his wife, but his children were:

2. Jesse BRASWELL, 1815-1856, married Emily Odom. Their children:

3. Samuel Davis BRASWELL, eldest child of Jesse and Emily, was born in 1839 and died 1895. He married Elizabeth (?). Their children:

4. Jacob Eley BRASWELL, son of Samuel and Elizabeth, was born 1871 and died in 1899. His wife was Katalia. Their children:


1. James BRASWELL, Sr. was born 1765 in North Carolina. At this time there is no information on his wife and children other than James Jr.

2. James BRASWELL, Jr. was born about 1800 in South Carolina. He lived in North Carolina and married Harriett Boone who was born in North Carolina.

3. Dolplhin (Randolph) "Dee" BRASWELL, son of James Jr., was born about 1851 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina (?), and died June 7, 1926, in San Antonio, Texas. He married Laura Bell (Smith) Fretwell who was born about 1853 in Luling, Texas.

4. Mary BRASWELL, daughter of Dee and Laura, was born November 15, 1883, in Luling, Texas, and died June 17, 1962, in Longview, Texas. She married Harvey Paxton Ruff on December 31, 1899. Harvey was born 1872 in Searcy County, Arkansas, and died in 1940. He was buried in Enid, Oklahoma.

5. Glen Paxton Ruff, son of Mary and Harvey, was born July 22, 1905, in the Oklahoma Territory. He married Edith Wilma Johnson on March 20, 1931. Edith was the daughter of Clarence Arthur and Laura Evelyn (Gaines) Johnson.

6. Jon Braswell Ruff was born December 26, 1935, in Longview, Texas. He married Nancy Ann Bakeley on December 23, 1961.


 1. James BRACEWELL, son of WILLIAM BRACEWELL and his wife Mary, was born probably 1710 and his will was probated September 27, 1765. His wife's name is unknown but his children were:

2. Benjamin BRACEWELL made his will on February 25, 1789. His wife was Mary. Their sons:

(This information was included in Benjamin's record but I can't tell who it's about. Born January 10, 1744, and died January 25, 1792. First marriage was to Mary Ida Mercer April 4, 1765. Second marriage was to Mary Permenter- daughter of James Permenter.)

3. Permenter BRASWELL "no details", possible wife- Margaret (see pg. 170).

4. Robert Russell BRASWELL, son(?) of Permenter, was born February 7, 1802, and died August 1848. December 4, 1823, he married Anselana "Ansy" Stringer, daughter of William and Keziah Margaret (Pitt) Stringer. (See page 170).

Thomas Permenter BRASWELL, Son of Robert Russell BRASWELL

1. Thomas Permenter BRASWELL was the fourth child of Robert R. and Anselana (Stringer) BRASWELL. He was born November 2, 1833, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina and died March 5, 1907, in Nash County, North Carolina. On December 11, 1860, he married Emily Stallings. Thomas Permenter was a planter and served in the legislature from Nash County. The children of Thomas and Emily:

2. Mark Russell BRASWELL, son of Thomas and Emily, was born December 12, 1864, C.S.A., and married Mamie Hackney. Mark Russell attended the University of North Carolina and earned his M.A. degree at the University of Maryland. He was a physician, planter, and banker. He died in Richmond, Virginia November 16, 1937. Their children:

3. Thomas Hackney BRASWELL, 1895-1907, was a citizen of Rocky Mount. The Thomas Hackney Braswell Memorial Library was given to the city of Rocky Mount

as a memorial to Thomas by his father. The library is a beautiful red brick building with thousands of volumes. One part of the library has a department of history and genealogy and many of the books contain history of the BRASWELLS. In the main part of the library is a picture of Thomas Hackney BRASWELL and a large plaque with the following inscription: "In memory of Mark Russell BRASWELL, December 12, 1864, through whose generous bequest to the city of Rocky Mount, this library was built and endowed November 10, 1923." The people of Rocky Mount are proud of the library and grateful to the giver, Dr. Mark Russell BRASWELL. He is called the benefactor of the poor of Rocky Mount. Many young people go to the library to read, study, and quietly visit.

In the old cemetery of Rocky Mount is a large monument to Dr. Mark Russell BRASWELL and a beautiful mausoleum where Permenter BRASWELL was laid to rest. The BRASWELLS made a good contribution to Rocky Mount and the community has been blessed by their lives and gifts. Those who still live there today enjoy the benefits of their bounty. There are still BRASWELLS in Rocky Mount today who are descendants of Thomas Permenter BRASWELL.


Arretta BRASWELL, Daughter of Robert Russell BRASWELL

1. Arretta BRASWELL married James H. Draughn on March 11, 1858. Arretta was born May 15, 1839 (according to family bible, 1835). James was born about 1829- 1830 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.

2. William Henry Draughn, son of Arretta and James, was born January 2, 1863, in Wilson County, North Carolina, C.S.A. On January 16, 1890, he married Delphia Ann Cobb who was born July 1869. She died September 8, 1912, and William Henry died February 20, 1948, in Wilson County.

3. Mary Ella Draughn, daughter of William and Delphia, was born April 13, 1903, in Wilson County, North Carolina. On November 3, 1920, she married John N. Davis, born August 30, 1896, in Wilson County.

4. Margaret Ella Davis, daughter of Mary Ella and John, was born March 7, 1922, in Wilson County. On July 3, 1944, she married Vincent James Bartolillo who was born June 10, 1918, in Brooklyn, New York.

5. Mary Joan Bartolillo, daughter of Margaret and Vincent, was born October 4, 1944, in Wilson County. On September 4, 1965, she married James Tippett Wallace who was born April 26, 1945, in Baltimore, Maryland.





Isle of Wight County, VA


Wife- Margaret


Edgecombe County, NC


Wife- Sarah [Moore]


Edgecombe County, NC






1. Bennett BRASWELL, son of SAMPSON and elder brother of SAMUEL BRASWELL, was born 1798 in North Carolina. He came to DeKalb County, Tennessee, perhaps in the late 1820's or early 1830's. He married Elizabeth Starnes who was born June 25, 1807. Bennett died in 1869 and Elizabeth died October 7, 1884. Both are buried in the BRASWELL Cemetery near Center Hill Dam, DeKalb County. Their son:

2. William A. BRASWELL was born November 17, 1830, and died August 27, 1885. William married Amanda Malvina Allen on June 20, 1852. Amanda was born October 1, 1832, and died June 21, 1921. They are both buried in the old BRASWELL Cemetery. (See page 171, 172 and 174) They had twelve children:


The information on the family of Benjamin Bennett BRASWELL was furnished by William T. BRASWELL and Mrs. High. The names and dates of birth were copied from the BRASWELL Bible Record.




The following pages contain lineages and information on three of the sons of SAMUEL BRASWELL who was born near Brass Town, South Carolina, and lived from 1800 to 1852 (see page 16). Vincent, John and William were brothers of BURNIE BENNETT BRASWELL. There is another possible son of Samuel (see pg. 217) that would be older than the others and research is being conducted as to his identity.



1. Vincent BRASWELL, who was born 1827 in Tennessee, married Lucinda A. Sisk, who was born 1832 in Kentucky. Her father was Travis H. Sisk. Vincent served in the 25th Regiment in Company D commanded by Captain Campbell. He was a sergeant and died while in service of the United States Army. Lucinda reared the children alone. On November 23, 1863, she applied for her pension. At that time she was thirty-one years of age. According to the application of Lucinda, she and Vincent were married on August 5, 1850. He died on or about the 22nd day of June 1862, at Henderson, Kentucky. A letter from the Office of the Adjutant General stated that Vincent enrolled on the 15th day of October 1862, at Henderson, Kentucky. According to the transcript of the Marriage Register, Reverend Featherston, a regular minister of the gospel, solemnized the rite of matrimony between Vincent BRASWELL and Lucinda Sisk. The children of Vincent and Lucinda:

2. Samuel Harrison BRASWELL was born 1853 in Tennessee. October 11, 1872, he

married Seania Elizabeth White- field in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Seania was born 1852, Hopkins County and died about 1881. Their children:

3. William Francis BRASWELL was born October 10, 1878, Hopkins County, Kentucky. He married Rosabell "Rosy" Huff on April 29, 1899, in Springfield, issouri. He served in the Spanish American War Company M. He was also a minister and pastored churches in Texas, Koaka and William Francis BRASWELL Missouri and California. He died August 11, 1932, Campell Township, Green County, Missouri, and was buried in the National Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri. His wife died August 30, 1937, and was buried with her husband. Their children:

4. Lynn Rosabell BRASWELL was born July 27, 1925, Santa Monica, California. She married Art Chasen on Christmas Day 1959, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is an artist, silversmith, goldsmith, and a student of photography. She designed the crest on the cover and the cover page of Dr. Roy's 1983 book.

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This John BRASWELL is probably the son of SAMUEL BRASWELL (1800-1852). The original information states that his father's name was unknown and that his father was born in North Carolina and died around 1850, so far this matches the information of SAMUEL BRASWELL who was born in North Carolina and died in 1852. It is also known that SAMUEL BRASWELL had a son Vincent born 1827 in Smith County and a son John born about 1833 in Smith County, Tennessee (see page 17). There is another John BRASWELL who comes close to matching the same criteria listed above, however, the information on the wives is different and a different list of children is given, so definitely more research is needed. At this point, I feel that John BRASWELL number one is the correct son of SAMUEL and brother to BURNIE BENNETT BRASWELL, but I have included the information on John BRASWELL number two directly following "number one's" lineage. If anyone has any additional information on these John BRASWELLs, please contact me.

1. John BRASWELL (number one), born July 20, 1833, in Smith County, Tennessee, died 1898. He married Martha F. Baird who was born November 5, 1844, probably in Smith County and died 1900. (The son William Daniel born in 1874 probably died in 1874 and later another son was named William Daniel.) The children of John and Martha:

2. William Daniel BRASWELL, son of John and Martha, was born February 25, 1889, Smith County, Tennessee, and died February 15, 1970. March 27, 1910, he married Dora Lena Rodgers who was born in Collin County, Texas. Their children:

3. Albert Dalton BRASWELL, son of William and Dora, was born September 14, 1921, Blue Ridge, Texas, and died February 26, 1943. He married Gloria Belle Staton, who was born February 13, 1924, Fort Worth, Texas. They had six children.

4. Sarah Kathryn BRASWELL, daughter of Albert and Gloria, was born November 6, 1941, McKinney, Texas. June 3, 1961, she married John C. Barron who was born August 26, 1938, in Corsicana, Texas.

5. Lucy Ann Barron, daughter of Sarah and John, was born January 21, 1963, in San Antonio, Texas. As of 1978, Lucy Barron was living in Austin, Texas.


The record on page 80, in the 1981 edition of FOLLOWING THE BRASWELLS IN AMERICA, shows the following as the father of John BRASWELL:

(6)___________BRASWELL who was born in North Carolina and died between 1843 and 1850. He married Milly _______ who was born about 1814 in Tennessee. Their children:




1. William BRASWELL, son of SAMUEL and SARAH, was born April 22, 1830, and died February 8, 1915. His first wife was Nancy Mason who was born November 27, 1831, and died 1896. To this marriage was born one daughter and three of possibly four sons according to the Census of 1870 and 1880. More information on William BRASWELL can be found on page 17 and 18. The children of William and Nancy:

2. John Henry BRASWELL (1853-1880), married Panthea Cook. Their children:

3. William BRASWELL, born 1877 in Barren Plains, Tennessee. He married Avil Dunn. Their children:

4. Johnny C. BRASWELL was born about 1901. He and his wife Bernice (Spencer) had the following children:

5. Harold BRASWELL was born 1926 in Barren Plains, Tennessee. Harold married Alice Rice who was born January 21, 1927. They had one son.

6. James Michael BRASWELL. Married (?) and they had two children:

This part of Tennessee is rich with the legend of the BRASWELLS who settled there

about 1832. The old home place of SAMUEL BRASWELL is still in the possession of his descendants. Abundant crops of corn are grown and harvested now instead of the once productive tobacco. The great grandchildren enjoy the blessings that were purchased at great sacrifice and labor.



 BURNIE BENNETT BRASWELL, son of SAMUEL BRASWELL and younger brother of Vincent, John and William BRASWELL, was born in 1837 and died in 1900. His information can be found on page 18 and his family tree can be found on page 6. The children of BURNIE BENNETT and VIRGINIA (SCRUGGS) BRASWELL (in outline form):

1. Julia Ann BRASWELL was born February 2, 1865, in Nashville, Tennessee, Confederate States of America. She married Carol Newton Russell who was born April 30, 1861, in Springfield, Missouri. He was the son of Baker and Martha Mills Russell. Carol Newton and Julia Ann came to Oklahoma in two covered wagons with stock and furniture and five children. They came to Anadarko, Oklahoma, and did not like it and returned to Missouri. In a short time they returned to Hobart, Oklahoma, when Hobart was a "tent-town". There were no roads and they followed Elk Creek south until they came to Little Bow Mountain, and settled on rich valley land ten miles south of Hobart. Indians were still living back of the mountain and there was lots of game and the grass was very tall. They dug a "Dug-out" house the size of a room and placed a large tent over this until lumber could be bought for a house. Three of their ten children were born and lived here until grown and married. Carol Newton Russell died December 19, 1933, in Anadarko, Oklahoma, and was buried in Hobart. Julia Ann died January 9, 1945, in Hobart, Oklahoma. Children of Julia Ann BRASWELL and Carol Newton Russell:

2. William Francis BRASWELL was born August 28, 1870, in Barren Plains, Tennessee, and married Ada Bertha Wagner in the Oklahoma Territory. His information can be found on page 20.

3. Ann Eliza BRASWELL was born in Tennessee in 1872. She married Jim Buck in Springfield, Missouri, about 1890. It was Ann Eliza's father-in-law, S.S. Buck, who buried Burnie Bennett BRASWELL. The children of Ann Eliza and Jim Buck:

4. George Featherston BRASWELL, the youngest son of Burnie Bennett and Virginia, was born about 1878 near Springfield, Tennessee. He lived and traded with the Indians in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. He changed his name to George Franklin early in life. He moved to Arkansas where he married Aider Spyres in 1900. They farmed in Woosley, Arkansas, for about two years. In 1902 they moved to Missouri. George and Aider had two children:

George Franklin BRASWELL'S second marriage was to Maise Condrey about 1908. They had one son:

George Franklin BRASWELL next married Kate Young a Cherokee girl. They had three children:

The last marriage of George F. BRASWELL was to Mary Walker of Amarillo, Texas. She had two children from a previous marriage- Henry and Beatrice.

George Franklin BRASWELL was a very colorful character and led a full life (see page 155), he died September 2, 1933 near Vinita, Oklahoma.


The following pages contain information and lineages of descendants of Richard BRACEWELL, brother to ROBERT BRACEWELL, Jr. direct ancestor of the author.

1. Richard BRACEWELL, son of the Reverend ROBERT BRACEWELL, Sr. and Rebecca, was born in 1651 in the Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, and married Sarah Sampson on January 16, 1673. Richard died in 1724/25 and Sarah died in 1735. The children of Richard and Sarah BRACEWELL:

1. Richard BRACEWELL was born 1672, in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, and died 1731 in North Carolina. He married Eleanor Bryant and had three children:

2. Richard BRASWELL was born 1700, North Carolina, and died 1772. He married

Elizabeth Bryant about 1728 and had eight children:

3. Richard BRASWELL, born 1729 in North Carolina and died about 1811, either in Greenville County, South Carolina, or Anderson County, Tennessee. Richard married Obedience Snow about 1758. They had eleven children:



1. James BRASWELL, son of Richard and Obedience, was born in 1761 in North Carolina and married Nancy Hall. James, who had changed the spelling of his name from BRASWELL to BRAZEL (BRASEL), was murdered in what is now Morgan County, Tennessee, July 29, 1799 (see page 144). Three of James' children:



1. David BRASEL (changed spelling) was born about 1791. He married Anna Clarkston. They moved to Scott County, Illinois, in 1818. David died 1827.

2. David BRASEL, Jr., born July 21, 1826, married Mary Ann Long.

3. Samuel BRASEL, son of David and Mary Ann, was born November 5, 1862. He married Lavina Anderson.

4. Charles Leslie BRASEL, son of Samuel and Lavina, was born January 5, 1896. He married Clara Munsey.

5. Palmyra Lavina BRASEL, daughter of Charles and Clara, was born July 10, 1927. She married Mr. Spencer. In 1972 they were living in Sioux City, South Dakota.

Mrs. Palmyra BRASEL Spencer furnished this information.



1. John BRASEL, son of James BRASWELL/BRAZEL, married Rhoda Stonecipher.

2. Joseph BRASEL, son of John and Rhoda, married Virginia Henderson.

3. John Benton BRASEL, son of Joseph and Virginia, born February 17, 1841, Marion County, Illinois, died February 22, 1923, in Marion County. On February 10, 1873, he married America Mercelia Maddox who was born February 20, 1852, Ross County,

Page 76

Ohio, died April 10, 1933, Warren County, Illinois. She was the daughter of Samuel and Mary (Carr) Maddox.

4. Roscoe Conklin BRASEL, son of John and America, was born September 2, 1880, Marion County, Illinois, and died January 3, 1975, Riverton, Wyoming. December 7, 1904, he married Carrie Mae Lacey, born July 19, 1883, Marion County, Illinois, and died November 1, 1966, in Riverton, Wyoming. She was the daughter of Amos Hudson and Nina (Marshall) Lacey.

5. Kenneth Roscoe BRASEL, son of Roscoe and Carrie, was born July 29, 1915, Marion County, Illinois. On February 6, 1939, he married Nin Kathryn Mitchell who was born February 24, 1919, Riverton, Wyoming. She was the daughter of John Hartwell and Flossie Belle (Martin) Mitchell. Their children:

6. Kenneth Clarence BRASEL was born January 1, 1947, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Kenneth BRASEL provided this information. His home in 1981 was Riverton, WY.



1. Obedience BRAZEL, daughter of James and Nancy, was born October 13, 1791, in South Carolina, and died August 11, 1832, in Morgan County, Tennessee. She married Daniel Stonecipher, born February 14, 1796, in Wilkes County, North Carolina, and died August 29, 1879, in Morgan County.

2. Martin Stonecipher, son of Obedience and Daniel, was born January 15, 1832, and died January 12, 1909. He married Nancy Melton who was born December 6, 1835, and died February 6, 1897.

3. Vardman Luther Stonecipher, son of Martin and Nancy, was born July 22, 1859, in Morgan County, Tennessee. He married Emily Wilson who was born June 15, 1860, in Morgan County and died November 27, 1934. Vardman died September 20, 1920.

4. Joseph Marion Stonecipher, son of Vardman and Emily, was born August 25, 1881, in Morgan County and died September 16, 1966, in Lafollette, Tennessee. He married Sarah Margaret Haskins who was born July 19, 1885.

5. Myrtle Nell Stonecipher, daughter of Joseph and Sarah, married James Woolridge Howe on June 31, 1923. James was born May 12, 1905, Woolridge, Tennessee.

6. Mary Elizabeth Howe, daughter of Myrtle and James, was born December 10, 1924, and married Walter Donald Underwood. Their children:

Mrs. Mary E. Howe-Underwood of Knoxville, Tennessee, supplied most of this information in January of 1976.


1. Valentine BRASWELL, fourth child of Richard and Obedience, was born in 1765 in North Carolina and died after 1830 in Walton County, Georgia. He was a resident of Greenville County, South Carolina, until 1817, in which year he purchased lands in Madison County, Georgia. Sometime after 1820 Valentine moved from Madison County to Walton County, Georgia.

A list of the children of Valentine BRASWELL was prepared by the late Thomas W. Oliver, great grandson of Valentine BRASWELL, as follows:

Part of the information given above was supplied by Mary Claire Oliver Cox (Mrs. Henry Miot), 1145 North 44th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68503. Mrs. Cox is the great granddaughter of Samuel and Susan (BRASWELL) Oliver, and the great, great granddaughter of Valentine BRASWELL.



1. David BRASWELL, eldest son of Valentine BRASWELL, was born in South Carolina 1799 and died 1863 in Walton County, Georgia, C.S.A. David married Mary Forester December 18, 1818, Madison County, Georgia. Their children:



1. Larkin BRASWELL, son of David and Mary, was born 1821, Madison County, Georgia, and died 186-. His first marriage was to Susannah McCulloughs December 20, 1846, Walton County, Georgia. Their children:

His second marriage was to Nancy A.E. Coleman, December 12, 1852, Jefferson County, Georgia. Larkin took up arms about 1862 and never returned home from the war. His brother stated that he was killed. The children of Larkin and Nancy:

2. James Wright BRASWELL, son of Larkin and Nancy BRASWELL, was born February 1860, Jefferson County, Georgia, and died 1945, Emanuel County. He married Maggie P. Pounder on January 19, 1888, in Burke County, Georgia. His

second marriage was to Mrs. Louvina (Lovin) Sherrod in 1893. She was the daughter of James and Mary (Hayes) Lovin. Their children:

3. Ben Baily BRASWELL, the son of James Wright BRASWELL, was born August 10, 1906, Emanuel County, Georgia. He Married Inez Portwood on June 5, 1927, in Midville, Georgia. Their children:

Mrs. Marjorie BRASWELL of Hephzibah, Georgia, sent this information.



1. Lancelot BRASWELL, born 1827, married Margaret Stroud. Both Lancelot and Margaret were buried on their farm. They had three children:

2. John William BRASWELL was born March 5, 1851. He married Mildred Catherine Booth on February 3, 1878. She was born February 17, 1859. Their children:

3. Reuben Allen BRASWELL, son of John and Mildred, was born October 7, 1893, Walton County, Georgia. He married Julia Ann Elizabeth Lane, born December 1, 1903, Jackson County, Georgia. She was the daughter of Edward S. and Jane (Gibbs) Lane. Reuben A. was inducted into the U.S. Military Service May 29, 1918. He received his training at Camp Gordon, Chamblee, Georgia. He was assigned to 67th Replacement; Army Serial No. 3,485,321. In 1918 he went overseas and arrived at LaHarve August 7, 1918. For many years after the War he practiced law in Decatur, Georgia. He has been a very active man and among his hobbies is the tracing of his line of BRASWELLS The children of Reuben A. and Julia Ann:


 1. Wesley BRASWELL, second son of Valentine, was born April 1, 1801, in South Carolina, and married Mary Ann New July 26, 1822, in Madison County, Georgia. On the 1850 Census of DeKalb County, Georgia, Diamond District, Wesley BRAZIL (BRASWELL) is listed as the head of a household and in the 1860 Census, both Wesley and his son Jacob are listed as heads of households. The children of Wesley and Mary Ann:

2. Jacob BRASWELL, born June 25, 1824, married Eliza Jane (?), September 4, 1862, in DeKalb County, Georgia, C.S.A. Their children:

3. Charles Sherwood BRASWELL, son of Jacob and Eliza Jane BRASWELL, was born September 20, 1870. He married Margaret Weigel January 29, 1905, in Memphis, Tennessee. Their children:

4. Ethelbert Callahan BRASWELL was born November 27, 1905. He married Olive Marion Ritch in Tularosa, New Mexico. Their daughters:

This lineage was compiled from census records, bible records, and records prepared by Reuben A. BRASWELL in his GENEALOGY OF VALENTINE BRASWELL, published 1966.



1. William BRASWELL, fifth child of Richard and Obedience (Snow) BRASWELL, was born 1766 in North Carolina. His second marriage was to Elizabeth (?), who was born 1787, in North Carolina. In his long life, William lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri before moving to Arkansas. William served in the War of 1812 in Captain William Jones Company of Illinois. In 1830, while living in Fulton County, Missouri, he ran for the office of County Commissioner. Later they moved to Arkansas where they appeared in the 1840 Benton County, Arkansas, Census and lived there until their deaths. They were buried on the old BRASWELL farm near Green Forest, Arkansas, off Highway 62 in what is called the

Green Forest Pioneer Cemetery (see page 172). Their children:



1. Robert BRASWELL, son of William and probably his second wife Elizabeth, was born 1815 in Illinois. He married Susannah Mills, who was born 1816 in Tennessee. They were living in Caroll County, Arkansas, 1850-1880.

2. Delitha Queenie BRASWELL, daughter of Robert and Susannah BRASWELL, was born August 16, 1854, Illinois. She died January 30, 1907, Van Buren, Arkansas. She married Wyatt Madison Harp, who was born July 3, 1851, Greenville, Missouri. Wyatt died December 7, 1907, in Vian, Oklahoma.

3. Samuel Clark Harp, son of Delitha and Wyatt, was born January 16, 1877, Springfield, Missouri. On November 7, 1899, he married Mattie Elizabeth Hammer. Samuel died September 1, 1950, Short, Oklahoma.

4. Blanche Mabel Harp, daughter of Samuel and Mattie Harp, was born January 30, 1911, Blackgum, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. She married James Oscar Benson, born June 29, 1908, Tiawah, Roger County, Oklahoma, December 14, 1927.

5. Mattie Benson, daughter of Blanche and James Benson, married Gilbert Smith. Their home is Rt. 4, Box 34, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.



1. Simeon (Simon) BRASWELL, born 1817, married Mary Ann Tabor. Their children:

1. Mary Ann BRASWELL, daughter of Simeon BRASWELL, was born February 6, 1842, Carroll County, Arkansas, and died December 10, 1906, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She married Joseph Ewing who was born March 31, 1839, Newton County, Arkansas, and died March 4, 1918, Eureka Springs. They were married June 16, 1861, Arkansas, Confederate States of America.

2. Ida May Ewing, daughter of Mary Ann and Joseph Ewing, was born May 5, 1876. In 1894, she married Richard "Dick" Bailey, born January 15, 1869, Marion County, Arkansas. Dick died March 17, 1935.

3. Walter Earl Bailey, son of Ida Mae and Dick Bailey, was born June 14, 1895, Aurora, Missouri, and died December 2, 1970, in Wichita, Kansas. October 5, 1919, he married Pearl Octavis "Polly" Williams, who was born October 17, 1900, Miami

County, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Henry Oscar and Margaret Missouri (DeWitt) Williams. Walter and Pearl's children:

4. Margaret Eileen Bailey, daughter of Walter and Pearl BRASWELL, was born September 25, 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and married Cleman L. Sawyer August 30, 1941. Cleman was born March 1, 1919, Hunnewell, Kansas. Their daughter:

This information was sent by Margaret Eileen Bailey Sawyer of Wichita, Kansas.


Andrew Jackson BRASWELL, Son Of Simeon (Simon) BRASWELL

1. Andrew Jackson BRASWELL was born 1844 in Arkansas. He married Louisa Youngblood. Their children:

2. James Thomas "Jimmie" BRASWELL married Elizabeth Hubbs, daughter of Thomas K. Hubbs of Indiana who moved to Arkansas. They were married November 17, 1895. For information on Jimmie and Elizabeth BRASWELL's early life, see page 143. Their children:

3. Olin Klute BRASWELL was born January 1, 1900, in Green Forest, Arkansas. He married Mattie Kendall. Their son:

Olin Klute BRASWELL has a very lovely home in Berryville, Arkansas. He is a man of many interests and hobbies, yet he has time to give an unexpected visitor a welcome and to share his information with him. He and his wife- Mattie have many interesting pictures, paintings, and exquisite dishes. Their home is really the "House of Clocks" for in every room clocks of different makes and from many different countries chime out the hours. Very pleasant, and not at all distracting- RBB.



1. George BRASWELL, son of Richard and Obedience, was born about 1773, in North Carolina, and died about 1841. He married Nancy Massey, daughter of Noel

Massey (Mafsey, Massa), who was born about 1785 to 1790 and died 1876 at the age of 86. To them were born fifteen children:

2. William Anderson BRASWELL, born in 1822 in South Carolina, and died 1863, in Choctaw County, Mississippi, Confederate States of America. He married Mary Ann Hunt about 1840. Mary Ann was born 1822, South Carolina and died August 13, 1872, Montgomery County. Her parents were William Jeremiah and Zaney (Massey) Hunt. They had six children (see picture page 85). Anderson volunteered for the Confederate Army and served for a brief time. According to his army record, he was granted leave to return home to check on his family's well being. To get to his family, he had to swim the Black River which, being Wintertime, was flooded to the width of at least two miles. He made the crossing, but never recovered. He died in 1863 of exposure and pneumonia. Mary Ann lingered for nine years before succumbing to grief in 1872.


1. James Wilson BRASWELL, born June 30, 1851, South Carolina, died August 19, 1914, Montgomery County, Mississippi. He married Sarahan Elizabeth Gregg, the daughter of F.M. and Nancy Gregg. Sarahan was born October 18, 1853, and died March 14, 1933, in Montgomery County. Both are buried on "BRASWELL Row", Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery, Montgomery County. Their children:

2. George Henry BRASWELL, was born December 13, 1876, Montgomery County, Mississippi, and died April 18, 1964, and was buried in the Winona Cemetery, Montgomery County. On January 16, 1896, he married Elizabeth "Betty" Harrison Evans who was born November 3, 1877, Montgomery County and died September 29, 1954. She was buried in the Winona Cemetery. She was the daughter of William Lee and Dinah (Herring) Evans. (See page 85.) Their children:

Standing left to right: Charlie Bell, Milton Edward, and George Henry BRASWELL. All sitting left to right are sons of William Anderson and Mary Ann (Hunt) BRASWELL: John W., "Dock" Milford, William Pinkney "Pink", William Anderson "Cap" Jr., and James Wilson BRASWELL. This picture was taken in 1895.

George Henry and Betty BRASWELL (parents of Hildon B. BRASWELL) with their first three children: Wilson, Huley, and Claude. This picture was taken in 1901. Both photos on this page were provided by Hildon Basil BRASWELL.

3. Hildon Basil "Hill" BRASWELL was born November 15, 1915, in Attala County, Mississippi, and married Myrtle Belle "Mac" McLellan on Christmas Eve 1939. Mac was born June 14, 1918, Holmes County, Mississippi. Hildon, who served in the United States Marine Corps, was promoted to Top Sergeant on March 3, 1942, at the age of 26, one of the youngest to do so in Corps history at that time. He left the Marines after World War II, but later served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and retired with the rank of Captain. He was very active in his community and was a member of the Attala Masonic Lodge No. 606. He was very interested in genealogy and wrote "BRASWELL FAMILY HISTORY AND ALLIED FAMILIES" after forty years of research, and was very supportive of Joyce Braswell in her research and updates for this book. Hill died February 9, 1990, Jackson, Mississippi, and was entombed February 12, 1990, at the Lakewood Cemetery. --Like his family and friends, I will miss him very much, and will Hill and Mac BRASWELL always be grateful for his encouragement, his 1987 humor, and his support- JAB.-- Hill and Mac had two children:

This information was provided by Hildon B. BRASWELL and can found in it's complete form in his book, THE BRASWELL FAMILY HISTORY AND ALLIED FAMILIES copyright 1989, published Jackson, MS



1. "Dock" BRASWELL was born in February 1858 in Georgia. He married Lilly Perdittie Cannon on October 23, 1879, Lilly was born October 23, 18-? and died June 7, 1948. She was buried in the Hebron Cemetery in Montgomery County, Mississippi. Their children:

2. James Anderson "Mr. Jeems" BRASWELL was born October 16, 1882, Carroll County, Mississippi, and died August 9, 1963, and was buried in the Berea Cemetery in Attala County, Mississippi. He married Lelia Autrey Davidson who was born June 24, 1882, in Arkansas and died October 16, 1978, and was buried in the Berea Cemetery. Her parents were James and Mary Louise (Miller) Davidson. Their children:

3. Julious Elmer BRASWELL was born September 3, 1913, and married Ina Leah Brooks, who was born August 29, 1912. Her parents were Marion Emmett and Iva Eudora (Burns) Brooks. Julious died May 10, 1984, and was buried in the Bethsada Cemetery. Their children:

4. Marion Leroy BRASWELL was born June 23, 1936 (?), French Camp, Mississippi. On December 23, 1955, he married Millie Ann Taylor who was born November 11, 1937, Poplar Creek, Mississippi. Their son:

This information was provided by the Marion L. BRASWELL family.



1. Ann BRACEWELL, second child of Richard (1651-1734) and Sarah, was born 1674 in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia. She married Matthew Strickland who was born in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia, about 1665 and died October 25, 1730. Their children :

2. Jacob Strickland was born 1697 in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and he died about 1790 as his will was probated in November of 1790. There are indications that he was married twice, to Lucretia Pitts and to Miss Wilson, but it's not clear which is the mother of his children. There is only information on two of Jacob's sons, Henry and Soloman Strickland.


Henry Strickland, Son Of Jacob Strickland

1. Henry Strickland was born about 1745 in North Carolina. He died 1796, Jackson County. He married Mary Hickman.

2. Carlos (Carless, Carrolus) Strickland, son of Henry, was born about 1776 in North Carolina and died 1861, Jackson County, Georgia, Confederate States of America. He married Polly Chatman.

3. Jene (Jennie) Strickland, daughter of Carlos, was born April 26, 1802, Jackson County, Georgia,

 and died about 1872. Jennie married Nathan Johnson Sharp.

4. Edmund Johnson Sharp, son of Jennie and Nathan, was born January 9, 1826, Jackson County and died November 18, 1888. On January 21, 1854, he married Margaret Harrison, daughter of John and Margaret (Stuart) Harrison. She was born January 10, 1820, in Jackson County and died June 8, 1865, C.S.A.

5. Nathaniel Thomas Sharp, born March 6, 1859, Jackson County, died April 18, 1929, Wichita Falls, Texas. He married Ida Talulah Hudson on January 1, 1884. She was the daughter of Thomas and Dehitia Anna (Yerby) Hudson. She was born April 4, 1860, and died November 24, 1920, Dodge City, Kansas.

6. Charles Rockwell Sharp, son of Nathaniel and Ida, was born October 20, 1884, Athens, Clark County, Georgia, and died May 23, 1948, Pueblo, Colorado. On July 30, 1917, he married Evanna Leta Carpenter, who was born November 8, 1895, Humbolt, Kansas, and died April 6, 1960, Homelake, Colorado. She was the daughter of David and Sarah Jane (Moon) Carpenter.

7. Lyle Sharp, son of Charles and Evanna, was born June 2, 1918, Dodge City, Kansas. On December 14, 1941, he married Mary Annabell Palmer. Their children:

The home of Mrs. Lyle Sharp in 1979 was in Pueblo, Colorado.


Soloman Strickland, Son Of Jacob Strickland

1. Soloman Strickland was born in Guilford County, North Carolina. He married Amy Pace on September 19, 1764. He died 1818 and Amy died 1815. They had a large family.

2. Ezekiel Strickland, son of Soloman and Amy, married Elizabeth Jane Haynes somewhere in the late 1760's or 1770's (?). Their children:

3. Amy Strickland, daughter of Ezekiel Sr. and Elizabeth, was born 1800 and married Joseph Moore Wyatt, born 1797, Newton County, Georgia. He died 1875. They had sixteen children.

4. Richard Henry Wyatt, son of Amy and Joseph, was born October 17, 1825, Cherokee County, Georgia, and died July 1864 in the Civil War. He married Louise Ann Varner, who was born April 15, 1835, in Sumpter County. Their children:

5. George Washington Wyatt, son of Richard and Louise, was born December 16, 1856, Sumpter County, Georgia, and died May 28, 1936, Greenlee County, Arizona. He married Emma Eliza Bryan who was born August 6, 1860, Pike County, Alabama. Their children:

6. Thaddie H. Wyatt, daughter of George and Emma, was born June 13, 1901, Graham County, Arizona, and died June 5, 1974. She married Clarence Bourgeous on August 3, 1917.

This information was furnished by Eloise Talley of Safford, Arizona.



 1. Robert BRACEWELL, son of Richard BRACEWELL (1651-1734) and Sarah, was born in 1677 and he must have died about 1735 or 1736 as his will was proved in 1736. He married Sarah (?).

2. Richard BRASWELL, born 1704, was the son of Robert BRACEWELL and Sarah. Richard's will was written December 7, 1767, and probated January 1772. He married another Elizabeth Bryant.

3. Richard BRASWELL, son of Richard (1704-1772?) and Elizabeth, was born in 1732 and his will was probated 1799. He married Elizabeth Dulaney. Their children:



1. Richard BRASWELL was born July 1755 and died August 20, 1839. He married Penelope Blow, born October 27, 1761, on October 11, 1780. Penelope's sister (cousin?) Rebecca Blow married Richard's brother, Jesse BRASWELL. (See record of their father, Richard) Richard served in the Revolutionary War and his family's information was taken from his war record. Penelope died August 30, 1846. Their children were all born in Wayne County, North Carolina:

Irvin BRASWELL Son Of Richard Braswell (1755-1839)

1. Irvin BRASWELL, born March 2, 1790, Wayne County and died September or October 1845 in Anson County, North Carolina. He married 1830-1832 Elizabeth Porter who was born 1808-1810, North Carolina and died 1880.


1. Thomas M. BRASWELL, son of Irvin, was born about 1827 in Anson County, North Carolina. He married Nancy Joanna Valentine.

2. Rosa Belle BRASWELL, born February 4, 1872, Jefferson County, Florida, married Daniel Bryan Mills.

3. Elizabeth Mills, daughter of Rosa Belle and Daniel, was born August 7, 1907, in Monticello, Florida.



1. Daniel N. BRASWELL, son of Irvin, was born June 15, 1841, Anson County and died February 11, 1896, Pleasant Hill, Hot Springs County, Arkansas. In 1870 or 71 he married Elizabeth Anne Caraway, who was born March 3, 1841, Anson County and died January 8, 1911, Arkadelphia. She was the daughter of William T. and Nancy (Richardson) Caraway.

2. Dovie Alice BRASWELL, daughter of Daniel, was born June 21, 1872, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. She married Charles Franklin Berry, born August 4, 1869, Donaldson, Arkansas, and died December 12, 1940, in Donaldson. They were married July 7, 1889.

3. Madge Berry, daughter of Dovie and Charles Berry, was born November 16, 1892, Donaldson, Arkansas, and died December 21, 1960, Little Rock, Arkansas. She married David Calvin Thomas who was born November 2, 1891, Hart's Chapel, Arkansas, and died June 3, 1968, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

4. Duane C. Thomas, son of Madge and David Thomas, was born August 6, 1929, Little Rock, Arkansas, and married Mildred Robertene Jones September 15, 1950. Mildred was born Christmas Eve 1932 in Hart's Chapel, Arkansas.


Benjamin BRASWELL, Son Of Richard BRASWELL (1755-1839)

1. Benjamin Blow BRASWELL, son of Richard (1755-1839) and Penelope, was born June 6, 1795, and married Mary Baucam. Their children:

2. John F.E. BRASWELL, son of Benjamin, was born March 25, 1837, and died January 13, 1903. John was probably married twice. One wife being Elva Hargette, born in Union County, and the other being Esther Ellen Presley, who was born 1846 and died 1930. It is difficult to tell which was the mother of his children. John BRASWELL's children:


James Caldwell BRASWELL, son of John F.E. BRASWELL

1. James Caldwell BRASWELL, born September 6, 1869, Union County, North Carolina, and

died December 16, 1936. He married Dora BRASWELL who was born September 25, 1892, Union County, North Carolina (parents names unknown).

2. Solon B. BRASWELL, son of James Caldwell, was born May 6, 1895, married Lorena Baucam, who was born February 22, 1897.



1. Lonnie Wilson Braswell was born 1886 and died 1957. He married Mary Asbury Little in 1908. Their children:

2. Curtis Cicero BRASWELL was born 1918 and died 1969. In 1950 he married Laverne Thomas. They had two children.

3. Sandra Elaine BRASWELL was born June 6, 1955, and she married Samuel M. Youngblood on December 28, 1974.



1. Shadrack BRASWELL, third son of Richard and Elizabeth, was born 1765, and married Sarah Trull. Sarah was born November 28, 1802, Anson County, North Carolina, and died Christmas Day 1895. Shadrack served in the war of 1812. The file number of his service record is S.O. 34559: served under Captain Lanier's Company, N.C. (see pg 159). The children of Shadrack and Sarah:

2. James Milton BRASWELL, born December 19, 1828, Union County, died December 7, 1924, in Charlotte, North Carolina. James was married three times, first to Obedience Price, second to Martha Benton, and finally to Nancy Jane Williams. This line stems from the marriage to Obedience Price, daughter of William Price. Their children:

James Milton's third marriage to Nancy Jane produced five children who are not in this family line, but should be included as they are half brothers and sisters to the children of James and Obedience. The children of James M. and Nancy Jane:

Neal Wilson BRASWELL, Son Of James Milton BRASWELL

1. Neal Wilson BRASWELL, oldest child of James M. and Obedience, born in Union County, North Carolina, married Carolina Williams who died 1882. She was the daughter of John D. Williams. Two of their children:

William Culpepper BRASWELL, Son of Neal Wilson BRASWELL

1. William Culpepper BRASWELL was born August 21, 1870, in Union County, North Carolina, and died February 8, 1948, in Union County. February 28, 1894, he married Matilda Jane Helms who was born December 27, 1875, and died November 21, 1943. She was the daughter of Asgill and Matilda (Purser) Helms.

2. Wayne William BRASWELL was born December 11, 1901, N. Union County, North Carolina. August 26, 1925, he married Hattie Mae Outen who was born July 7, 1904, Union County and died July 18, 1981, in Orlando, Florida. Their children:

3. William Wayne BRASWELL was born May 8, 1926, Union County, North Carolina, and married Marian Virginia Lawhon on June 30, 1956. She was born December 6, 1933, in Darlington County, South Carolina. Her parents were Otis and Julia Mae (Flowers) Lawhon. Their children:

This information courtesy of William Wayne BRASWELL of Hopkins, South Carolina.


Elam BRASWELL, Son Of James Milton BRASWELL

1. Elam BRASWELL, fourth child of James M. and Obedience, was born February 17, 1859, in Union County, North Carolina. He married Margaret Price May 10, 1883. Margaret was born August 15, 1865, and died May 4, 1929, in Union County. Elam died August 19, 1934, Union County. Their children:

2. A. Irene BRASWELL, daughter of Elam and Margaret, was born March 11, 1905, Union

 County, North Carolina. May 16, 1926, she married Wilton A. Kiker who was born December 12, 1902. Their children:

Mrs. Irene BRASWELL Kiker of 169 Poinsett Dr., Sumter, South Carolina 29150, sent the information concerning her line. She was a teacher in the public schools of Sumter and planned to retire in 1975.



 1. William BRACEWELL, Sr., fifth son of Richard (1651-1734) and Sarah, was born about 1680 in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and he died about 1765 in Chowan County, North Carolina.

2. William BRACEWELL, Jr. was born about 1707, Isle of Wight County, Vir- ginia. He died 1785 in Nash County, North Carolina. He married Margaret (?).

3. David BRASWELL, born about 1742 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and died in Abberville County, North Carolina, in 1782. September 14, 1762, he married Nancy Rutherford.

4. William BRASWELL, son of David, was born about 1763 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and died in Newberry, South Carolina, in 1816. His wife was Susan (?).

5. Arthur BRASWELL was born 1800 in North Carolina and died about 1867 in Washington County, Georgia, C.S.A. He married Patience Pearce who was born about 1800, Johnson County, North Carolina, and died in New Orleans ca. 1848.

6. Asa Gordon BRASWELL, son of Arthur, was born January 10, 1827, Washington County, died May 2, 1862, Washington County, Georgia, C.S.A. He married Jane Bridges who was born June 7, 1823, and died March 9, 1905, Washington County.

7. John Arthur BRASWELL, born January 6, 1846, Washington County, and died March 3, 1929, in Adrian, Emanuel County, Georgia. He married Elmira Rebecca Smith, who was born September 8, 1846, in Washington County and died September 14, 1936, in Adrian.

8. Ella R. BRASWELL, daughter of John Arthur, was born March 25, 1869, in Washington County, Georgia, C.S.A., and died February 2, 1949, in Leesburg, Florida. She married William Henry Toler, born January 21, 1862, in Johnson County, Georgia, C.S.A., died April 28, 1948, Leesburg, Lake County, Florida.

9. Henry Quillian Toler has his home in Leesburg, Florida. He married Mary Gay.



1. Jacob BRACEWELL, eighth child of Richard (1651-1724) and Sarah, was born 1684 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and died sometime after 1762, probably in Johnston County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Ruffin. See page 13 for more details on his life.

2. The name of Jacob's son is unknown. If any one has this information, please contact me- JAB.

3. Jacob BRASWELL, who died about 1826, was the grandson of Jacob BRACEWELL, who moved to Johnston County from Edgecombe County.

4. George W. BRASWELL, born April 29, 1825, died 1882. His first marriage was to Cinthia Garner January 28, 1848, she died October 1859. His second marriage was to Kizziah Massey January 12, 1861. They had eleven children.

5. Jacob Ishmal BRASWELL, son of George and Kizziah, was born September 13, 1854, and died June 22, 1929, in Johnston County, North Carolina. He married Sarah Jane Pudin on January 11, 1876. They had eight children.

6. George Amos BRASWELL, born 1883 and died September 22, 1932, in Boone Hill Township, Johnston County, North Carolina. March 19, 1905, he married Julia Evans. They had thirteen children.

7. Fletcher BRASWELL, born April 3, 1921, Boone Hill Township, Johnston County, North Carolina.

8. David Neal BRASWELL was born November 16, 1949, Louisville, Kentucky. He was an only child. David Neal is a Sergeant in the Air Force.

David Neal BRASWELL's home is in Smithfield, North Carolina. He has done a lot of research on his line abroad as well as in America and his work has been proved by deeds and other legal papers.