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SECTION III (unattached relatives at this time)

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The following is CORRECTED and UPDATED information sent by Patricia E. Braswell Bellino.


 1. Kindred BRASWELL was born July 4, 1845, in Randolph Co., Georgia. Died on July 16, 1912 in Decatur Co., Georgia. On November 12, 1868 he married Mary Katherine FAIRCLOTH who was born on May 23, 1851 in Decatur Co., Georgia. She was the daughter of Matthew and Clarissa (SASSER) FAIRCLOTH.

Arthur BRASWELL was born February 8, 1890, in Decatur Co., Georgia. Died January 14, 1953, Greensboro, Gadsen, Florida. On December 22, 1913, in Decatur Co., Georgia he married Della Turnage who was born on May 11, 1896. Della was the daughter of William and Charlotte Ann (CROWSON) TURNAGE. Their children:

1. Ernest BRASWELL, born September 23, 1914 in Donalsonville, Decatur Co., Georgia. Died April 24, 1990 in Montgomery, Alabama. On Augsut 17, 1940, in Vidalia, Toombs Co., Georgia he married Mamie Lee Evelyn POPE who was born on November 19, 1919 in Towns, Telfair Co., Georgia. Died March 19, 1988 in Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia. She was the daughter of Herschel V. and Mamie Ida (BRANTLEY) POPE. Their children:

2. Fred BRASWELL, born February 11, 1917 in Donalsonville, Decatur Co., Georgia. Died June 12, 1918 in Donalsonville, Decatur Co., Georgia.

3. Everett BRASWELL, born April 3, 1919, Millville, Bay Co., Florida. Died on July 9, 1974 in Waltham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. On November 30, 1947, in Arlington, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts he married Carminella Francesca MARAIO who was born October 21, 1925, in East Boston, Massachusetts. Died on January 29, 1997 in Arlington, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Their only child:

In 1982 Patricia Elaine BRASWELL married Douglas Jack BELLINO in Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Divorced in 1988.

Their only child:

  1. Matthew Joel BELLINO, born 1986 in Nashua, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire.




1. Benjamin Rhodes BRASWELL was born October 5, 1821? in North Carolina. He died June 6, 1864, in prison camp, Little Rock, Arkansas, Confederate States of America (see pg 163). In 1848 he married Sarah Ann McWilliam who was born April 20, 1822, in Mississippi. Sarah Ann died April 2, 1886, Marysville, Arkansas.

2. George Franklin BRASWELL was born October 1851 in North Carolina and died April 2, 1909, in Marysville, Arkansas. He married Martha Ellen Batey who was born August 30, 1859, and died April 2, 1909, and was buried in the Strong Cemetery, Strong, Arkansas.

3. Ora Jane BRASWELL was born September 10, 1894, in Marysville, Arkansas, and died April 10, 1971, Alexandria, Louisiana, and was buried in the Strong Cemetery. She married Willie Byron Booth June 23, 1912. He was born August 15, 1889, Nick Springs, Arkansas, and died April 15, 1980, El Dorado, Arkansas. His parents were William Douglas and Norah Lee (Barnett) Booth.

4. Candace Nunnally Booth was born 1947, Freeport, Texas. She married Fenwick Francis Norbet Binder on 1974.

In 1980 the home of Candace Binder was Gonzales, Louisiana.



The year Illinois was admitted to the Union, Mr. David BRASEL came with his family and located in Green County, which at that time was about as far north as any of the sturdy settlers had moved. In his family was an infant two months old, to whom they gave the name of Lewis. Lewis BRASEL was born in Tennessee, August 16, 1818. His parents, David and Ann (Clarkson) BRASEL, were also natives of Tennessee, and Lewis was the oldest of their five children. David and Ann moved, as many of those early settlers did, from county to county. They seemingly could not live in a too thickly populated settlement, and consequently, when a few families would move in, they would move on to some new place...

1. David BRASEL, born in Tennessee and died in Illinois, was the son of James BRASEL who died 1799 in Tennessee. His wife, Anna Clarkson, was born January 13, 1794, Tennessee and died September 27, 1883, Henry County, Illinois. They are buried in the Cosners Cemetery, Burns, Illinois. Two of their children:

UPDATE: Connection found, see SECTION II, page 76 for complete lineage.


1. Jacob BRASWELL who married Mary Cohan. Their children:

2. Orlando BRASWELL married Mary Harvey. Their children:

3. Joseph Lee BRASWELL married Daisy Duncan. Their children:

4. Bumpass O. BRASWELL was born 1903, Henry County, Tennessee. He married Mrs. Grace Hort _____. Their children:

Bumpass BRASWELL has his home in Paris, Tennessee.


Bythal BRASWELL was listed as the head of the household in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, on the 1840 Census. In his last will, Bythal BRASWELL requested that all his estate be equally divided among all his children.

Abstracts of wills, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, 1773-1856, by William Griffin. January 21, 1841, February Court 1842, Book F, page 226- wife Louise. Estate equally divided between all children, Viz: Jackie Dew BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, Calvin BRASWELL, Serany BRASWELL and Francis BRASWELL.

The Children of Bythal and Louise BRASWELL

A. Jackie Dew BRASWELL married John L. Pell on August 8, 1835 (Marriages of Edgecombe County, North Carolina). On the 1860 Census they were listed in Pickens County, Alabama.

B. William "Willie" BRASWELL died perhaps in Kemper County, Mississippi.

C. Calvin BRASWELL, where abouts unknown.

D. Serany BRASWELL married Thomas Thornell on December 18, 1835, in Edgecombe

County, North Carolina.

E. Frances BRASWELL married James E. Sauls May 21, 1842, Sumter County, Alabama.

This information was furnished by Mrs. Betty (Tom) Lawrence of 4201 Pineview Dr., Meridian, Mississippi. She was the great-granddaughter of Jackie Dew BRASWELL Pell.



1. Andrew Jackson BRASWELL (BRASEL) was born 1829, South Carolina. The name of his wife was

Martha S. who was born 1832, South Carolina. The children of Andrew Jackson and Martha:

The 1880 South Carolina Census for Lancaster County shows Harriet and Lydia, daughters-in-law, living in the Andrew J. BRASEL, Sr. household (see pg. 216).

2. Andrew Jackson BRASWELL, Jr., who was born October 13, 1859, and died December 7, 1928, Sherman, Texas, was buried in Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, Texas. He married Hattie Keaton 1876, who was born in Tennessee on August 5, 1858. They were married 1876 in Tennessee. Their children:

3. Horace Greely BRASWELL was born August 2, 1898, Altoga, Collin County, Texas, and died June 15, 19--, Sherman, Texas. He was buried in Memorial Park, Sherman, Texas. He married Ella Francis Smithson who was born 1901, DeKalb County, Tennessee. Their children:

4. Clasper Lee BRASWELL, was born 1919, in DeKalb County, Tennessee. He married Ruth Estelle Bryant 1941. Ruth was born 1920, Gentry County, Missouri. Their children (?):

 This information was given by Mrs. C.L. BRASWELL of Sherman, Texas on May 9, 1978.



1. Frederick BRASWELL married Lucy Gibson who was born April 30, 1885, Slater, Saline County, Missouri. Lucy died young and their son Floyd Robert was raised by an elderly Aunt and Uncle.

2. Floyd Robert BRASWELL was born April 13, 1896, Lanis, Texas. (Lanis is today more or less a ghost town.) He married Mabel Catherine Brightwell, the daughter of James Addison and Sallie Titt (Huff) Brightwell, on 1918, Boswell, Choctaw County, Oklahoma. Evidently Floyd's next marriage was to Katherine Lucille as she is listed as the mother of his children. After Katherine died, Floyd married

Margaret Wiley in 1972, Pique, Woodson County, Kansas. The children of Floyd and Katherine:

Mrs. Virgil Crowley, 508 B and E, Boulevard, Glen Burnie, Maryland, sent this information. She would be glad to exchange information with others of her line.



1. James Richard BRASWELL, born January 23, 1840, South Carolina and died October 10, 1918, Fork, South Carolina. James served in the Civil War. He married Effie Bryant who was born March 5, 1837, and died January 17, 1910, in Fork. Their children:

2. Samuel Jackson BRASWELL was born October 20, 1878, Fork, South Carolina, and died April 16, 1941, in Fork, South Carolina. January 19, 1902, he married Annie Carmichael who was born October 22, 1882, in Fork and died Christmas Day, 1965, Lumberton, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Duncan Calvin and Lemantha (Walters) Carmichael.

3. Carroll Carmichael BRASWELL, born 1903, Fork, South Carolina. In 1932, he married Ethel Ammons, who was born 1908. Her parents were Holland and Mary Jane (Stubbs) Ammons.

4. Gerald Samuel BRASWELL was born 1933, Fork, South Carolina. On 1953, he married Betty Joyce Reece who was born 1935, Laurinburg, North Carolina. Their home is in Laurinburg.



1. William Henry BRASWELL was born 1819 near Raleigh, North Carolina, on the Pee Dee River. He married Laura Vehilia Lumbes.

2. David Alexander Talmadge BRASWELL was born December 12, 1864, Union County, Arkansas, C.S.A. He married Lou Hare Newberry, her parents were John Frank and Essie (Butler) Newberry.

3. Creal Talmadge BRASWELL was born 1904, Waldo, Arkansas. He married Cora Lou Newberry. Their children:

4. Harold Talmadge BRASWELL was born 1930, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He married Barbara Ann Bellus, who was born 1931, Bethany, Missouri. Their children:

In 1973 Harold's home was 2120 Packard Place, Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is quite interested in tracing his line and would be happy to exchange information with anyone of his line. His people seem to have moved from North Carolina to Arkansas, perhaps before 1850 or about that time.



1. There must be missing records here as Richard (1700-1769) cannot be the father of James L. (1836-1889), but it is believed he is an ancestor of James.

See Note at end of the section for James L. Braswell. Evidently a child sent it and we are waiting for corrections. Do not use this information.

2. James L. BRASWELL was born 1836 in Georgia and died 1889. His wife was Sarah. Their children:


1. Sophrona Belle BRASWELL was born May 19, 1865, in Indiana and died one week after the birth of her fourth child, Nellie, on July 29, 1888, Winnebago County, Illinois. She was buried in Owen City, Winnebago County July 31, 1888. She married Oscar Herbert Turney who was born August 29, 1859, Illinois and died January 22, 1939, Beloit, Wisconsin. Their children:

2. Blanch Eulalia Turney, who was born April 28, 1886, Durand, Illinois, and died April 12, 1971, Medford, Oregon, married Harry Willis Hamilton. Harry was born February 6, 1861 (?) Newburg, New York.

3. Ida Hamilton, daughter of Blanch and Harry, was born 1913, LaCenter, Washington. She married Emery James Vincent in 1931. Emery was born 1907, in Jackson County, Oregon.

4. Ruthie Marie Vincent was born 193-, Jackson County, Oregon. She married Donald Malcoln Burrill in 1955. He was born in LaCenter, Washington, 1934.


1. James BRASWELL was born 1869 and died about 1891. He married Anna McNeely who was born April 1859 near Americus, Georgia, and died June 1936 and was buried in Sandersville, Georgia. Her father was William McNeely who was probably born in Ireland.

2. Harroll (Harrell) BRASWELL was born May 6, 1892, Jefferson County, Georgia. 1930, he married Myrtle Edenfield who was born 1911, Wadley, Georgia. Her parents were R. and Annie (Hayes) Edenfield.

3. Emory H. BRASWELL was born 1932, Brooklyn, New York. His first marriage was to Ritamarie Collins on 1952, and his second marriage was to F. Botnick in 1972. His children:



1. Marion BRASWELL, by his first marriage (wife's name unknown) had the following children:

By his second marriage (wife's name not given):

2. David Hogan BRASWELL, was born July 7, 1862 or 1865, in Decatur, Alabama, C.S.A., and died April 26, 1918. He married Georgia Ann Gibson who was born October 17, 1861, and died September 18, 1909. Their children:


1. Grover Talmadge BRASWELL was born February 6 or 7, 1885, and died November 28, 1933. He had at least two children:

1. Thomas David BRASWELL was born 1922, Salisburg, North Carolina. 1944, he married Jewel Christine Yarborough who was born August 10, 1925 (?), Union County, North Carolina, and died April 14, 1964, Redlands Beach, California. Her father was Joseph Yarborough.

2. David Eugene BRASWELL was born June 13, 1945, Charlotte, North Carolina, and died November 5, 1979, in Lochbuie, a small town north of Denver, Colorado. In 1964, he married Leona M. "Lee" Williams who was born 1943, Ogden, Utah. Her parents were Theodore Leland and Margaret Roberta (Baker) Williams. David and Leona had two sons:

The home of Leona BRASWELL in 1980 was Brighton, Colorado.


Elsie LaNelle, Daughter Of Grover Talmadge BRASWELL

1. Elsie LaNelle BRASWELL married W.R. Patterson. Their home in 1979 was Riverside, California.



1. Francis Flora BRASWELL was born March 14, 1890, and died August 19, 1960, in Birmingham, Alabama. She married Charles Richard Harris in 1904.

2. Gertrude Mahalia Harris, daughter of Francis and Charles, married, on 1925, Noah Marvel Hodges, who was born December 24, 1896, Republic, Alabama. Their children:

3. Francis Faye Hodges was born 1926, in Birmingham, Alabama, and married Wilbur G. Robbins on 1946.

4. Mark Robbins is the only son of Francis and Wilbur Robbins.



1. Peter BRASWELL was born in North Carolina about 1845 and is probably the son of William BRASWELL. He married Martha Green Mosier who was born 1845. He probably moved to Tennessee before 1850 and settled in DeKalb County. They had several children whose names appeared on the 1880 Census of DeKalb County (see pg. 219). UPDATE: Connection found, see page 110.


1. Cora Bell BRASWELL, who was born 1873, married Landy Curtis who was born in DeKalb County, Tennessee.

2. William Hobert Curtis, the son of Cora Bell and Landy Curtis was born March 6, 1899, DeKalb County, and died April 1, 1921, in DeKalb. He married Eva Mai Robinson who was born 1903, in DeKalb.

3. Wilma Lucille Curtis, the daughter of William and Eva, was born 1923, in DeKalb County. She married (?) 1942.

This information was sent by Robert Wall of Bowling Green, Kentucky.



1. Matthew Allen BRASWELL, Sr., who was born 1879 on Dry Creek in DeKalb County, married Minnie Mae LaFever. She was born 1884 in Putman County, Tennessee and died on Christmas Day, 1939. She was buried in the Wharton Springs Cemetery. Matthew died October 1949. Their children:


1. Clarence Elmer BRASWELL was born 1901, DeKalb County. He married Lucille Groom in 1934. Lucille was born March 16, 1914, and died November 15, 1958. Their children:

This information was provided by Clarence BRASWELL who has a very nice nursery in Smithville where he is happy in his work. On the main street of Smithville he has a fine brick home. He is a busy man, but finds time to visit with unannounced visitors.


1. Johnnie Vestal BRASWELL, was born 1910, Smithville, Tennessee. He married Elsie Victoria White, who was born 1911. Their children:

2. Johnnie Faye BRASWELL was born 1937, Lavergne, Tennessee. She married Arlie H. Jacoby who was born 1932, Frederickburg, Texas. Their children:

Mrs. Johnnie Faye Jacoby lives at 200 Briggs Avenue, Bisbee, Arizona.

UPDATE: A connection has been found, see SECTION III, page 110.



1. No data on the parents, but their known children were:

2. John Fred BRASWELL was born February 22, 1871, Missouri. He married Martha Elizabeth Phy, who was born August 4, 1885, Cookeville, Tennessee. She died October 26, 1971, McKinney, Texas. Their children:

3. Roy Fred BRASWELL was born 1903, in Fannin County. He married Mattie Mitchell 1922. Mattie was born 1903, Collin County, Texas. Their children:

Roy Fred and Mattie BRASWELL are both retired and are enjoying their retirement and grandchildren. He said he had done a little of everything, and she had been a nurse. They would be happy to correspond with anyone of their line.




1. J.H. BRASWELL, Rev. was born April 16, 1836 (?), Georgia and died August 16, 1953. His wife M.L. (?) was born December 1862 and died March 29, 1953 (dates taken from gravestone). Two of their children:

2. Samuel McCoy BRASWELL was born November 22, 1886. His first marriage was to Clara Phillips who was born 1889 and died 1929. This family line stems from this marriage. After the death of Clara, Samuel McCoy married Eudora Spencer who was born March 15, 1890, and died January 13, 1974, and was also buried in Dreamland Cemetery. Samuel McCoy BRASWELL was a newspaper publisher. He died April 1, 1961. The children of Samuel and Clara:

3. Sam Phillips BRASWELL was born 1910, Dallas, Texas. He married Cecelia Atteberry. They have a lovely home in Kerrville, Texas. He has been in the newspaper business form many years. Now he and his wife Cecelia have a printing office in Kerrville. They had one son:

4. Sam Harben BRASWELL was born 1931. He married Betty Wildman. Their children:




In North Carolina two brothers were born, Sampson in 1782 and Aaron in 1787. The parents of the brothers at this point is unknown. What is known is that both brothers married sisters, Nancy and Priscilla Williams, the daughters of Lucreasy (possible daughter of William and Martha BRASWELL- see page 182) and William Williams, Sr. Both Aaron and Sampson moved to Tennessee and raised their families there, later, Aaron was to move to Missouri leaving his brother behind.



 1. Sampson BRASWELL was born about 1782 in North Carolina. Research is being conducted to determine if he was the grandson of SAMUEL BRASWELL listed in his will of 1794 (see page 184). He married Priscilla Williams who was born 1781, North Carolina and died after 1850. She was the daughter of William and Lucreasy (Lucreasy may be the daughter of William and Martha BRASWELL- see pg. 182) Williams. In 1818 they were in Tennessee. Their children:

The home of Mrs. Kiger is 4027 Sunbeam Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37402.



1. William BRASWELL was born 1809 in Tennessee and married Clarissa Vire who was born 1815 in Tennessee.

2. Peter's parents were given as William and Clarissa, but this could not be correct. (Now I believe his year of birth is incorrect (see pg 106)-JAB).

3. Peter Sampson BRASWELL, descendant (son???) of William and Clarissa, was born July 2, 1894 (probably @1844, see page 106). He married Martha Green Mosier who was the daughter of Harvey G. and Lucinda Mosier.

4. Matthew Allen BRASWELL married Minnie Mae LeFeure. She was the daughter of John Wesley and Nancy Mae (Tibbs) LeFeure (see page 107).

5. Lloyd Silvania (Sylvanus) BRASWELL was born in 1903 and died 1930. He was married to Lillian Bluhm who was born 1903 and died 1978. She was the daughter of Elbert and Sally (Patterson) Bluhm (see page 107).

6. Truman Allen BRASWELL was born 1925, DeKalb County and married Della Louise Redman 1947. Della was born 1927, Warren County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of James Madison and Will Ellen (Warren) Redman. The children of Truman:

7. Trena Willann BRASWELL was born 1962, Smithville, DeKalb County, Tennessee.

This information was provided by Trena BRASWELL, who in 1980, had researched her family tree as a school project.



Aaron BRASWELL was born around 1787 (according to the 1850 Census), in North Carolina and married Nancy Williams between 1810-1820. While we are so far unable to identify the parents of Aaron, it is believed he had a brother named Sampson (age 68 in 1850) who married Nancy's sister, Priscilla Williams. Nancy was the daughter of Lucreasy (possible daughter of William and Martha BRASWELL- see page 182) and William Williams, Sr. of North Carolina and was born around 1795, by some accounts in Alabama, but more likely in North Carolina. Both Aaron and Nancy appeared on the 1850 DeKalb County, Tennessee Census. At that time he was sixty-three years old and Nancy was fifty-five. Their children who were still at home when the Census was taken were: William- 24; Henry- 22; Mikajah- 17; Lucresia- 13; Duane- 13; and Terry- 8. All these children were born in Tennessee. In the Index to Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers- War of 1812 Aaron was shown to be a member of North Carolina 3rd (Moore's) Regiment, North Carolina Militia.

Aaron and his wife, and several of their children moved to Missouri in 1852. They lived in a house on the Norton place which was owned by his daughter Willia Dewilmuth Parlee (BRASWELL) Norton. Nancy died here and was buried near the house where Aaron could see her grave. He, too, is buried here. They are reported to have had eighteen children, but as they were probably already independent before 1850 they did not appear on the 1850 Census.



1. Lucretia Norton, daughter of Willia and Abraham Norton, was born October 24, 1851, in DeKalb County, Tennessee. She married George Joseph Heltibrand the son of Henry and Sarah (White) Heltibrand, who was born December 23, 1851, in Madison County, Missouri. According to Lulu Belle Heltibrand, the original spelling of the name was Hildebrand and she believed Henry and the outlaw Sam Hildebrand were related, however this has not been proven. Reportedly, Henry changed the spelling during the Civil War to avoid association with the famous outlaw. Lucretia died February 24, 1916, and George died April 12, 1907, in Missouri. They had five children:

 Copy of dismissal notice from the Mount Moriah Baptist Church provided
by Mrs. Willa Dean Combs of Fredericktown, Missouri.

2. Lulu Belle Heltibrand, fourth child of Lucretia and George, was born August 8, 1887, and died June 6, 1970, in Madison County, Missouri. She married Gilbert Otto Combs, son of John Hansford and Edna (Miller) Combs, November 6, 1912. Gilbert was born July 29, 1892, and died January 15, 1981, in Madison County. Lulu Belle and Gilbert had four children:

3. William D. Combs, fourth child of Lulu Belle and Gilbert Combs, was born 1921, in Olathe, Colorado. 1948, he married Willa Dean Reagan, daughter of James Emmett and Myrtle (Fulton) Reagan. Willa Dean was born 1930, in Bollinger County, Missouri. William and Willa have two daughters:

The information on the descendants of Lucretia Norton was provided by Mrs. Willa Dean Combs of Rt. 2, Box 415 Fredericktown, Missouri (12/17/89). Mrs. Combs and her daughter, Teri Moss, have done extensive research on the family and would be interested in corresponding with other descendants of Aaron BRASWELL with the hopes of extending their line.



1. Mary Ann Norton, daughter of Willia and Abraham, was born about 1856, Madison County, Missouri. She married Garrett Alexander Venerable who was born about 1858 (?). They had several children.

2. Harley Bass Venerable, one of the sons of Mary Ann and Garrett, was born in 1891. Harley married Presha Barks who was born 1917, in Marquand, Missouri.

3. Anna Fern Venerable, daughter of Harley and Presha, married Alford Frank Wamser 1940. Their children:

The old Norton home place was sold in 1973. The graves of Aaron and Nancy BRASWELL are unmarked, but they rest upon the land that they loved and had given so much of themselves to.

Mrs. Alford Frank Wamser, Rt. 3, Box 52, Fredericktown, Missouri 63645, who is a descendant of Aaron BRASWELL, furnished part of this information. She is eager to contact other descendants of Aaron BRASWELL.



The following is based on information sent from Lt. General Arnold Braswell, U.S. Air Force (Retired).

1. Valentine BRASWELL, Sr., was probably born in the 1600's and was probably the son of a Richard BRACEWELL, and grandson of the Reverend Robert BRACEWELL of Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He apparently had the following sons and lived in Orange County, North Carolina (part of Orange County later became Chatham County):

2. Henry BRASWELL, date and place of birth unknown, died in late 1784 or early 1785. It is known that Henry had at least two brothers, Richard and Valentine, Jr., that identify Henry as a son of Valentine, Sr. In a document dated 1753, Richard is identified as a son of "Volentine" BRASWELL, Sr. and Richard named Henry in his will as his "loving brother". The brothers all lived near to or on adjoining property on the Cape Fear River. Henry married Sarah Blake and had two children, both of whom were very young at the time of their father's death.

B. Blake William BRASWELL, born around 1780, in Chatham County.

3. Blake William BRASWELL the son of Henry BRASWELL is believed to have been born in Chatham County, North Carolina, around 1780. Census reports show that he was living in Rockingham County, North Carolina, for the 1820 and 1840 enumerations. While in North Carolina during the 1830's he served in the State Legislature. He later moved to Mississippi where he appeared on the 1850 census report for Choctaw County. Though documentary proof is lacking, Lt. Gen. Arnold BRASWELL is confident that Blake is the father of Edward Reed BRASWELL. He has located an article in a 1978 issue of the Journal of the Rockingham County Genealogical Society which stated that Blake BRASWELL had come from Chatham County and, in 1804, married Mary Peeples, daughter of Hubbard Peeples.

4. Edward Reed BRASWELL was born October 28, 1806, in Rockingham County, North Carolina, and died March 15, 1872. In 1837, he married Catherine Robison who was born January 22, 1822, Hempstead County, Arkansas. He and his bride moved to Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. Catherine died January 31, 1893, and was buried in Simsboro, Louisiana. Their children:



1. Martha P. BRASWELL, better known as Mattie, was born November 5, 1841, Vienna, Louisiana, and died about 1917 in Leinsburg, Red River Parish, Louisiana, and was probably buried there. Her first marriage was to Claiborne Madden October 20, 1859. They had one daughter:

Martha's second marriage was to F.L. Galloway June 28, 1873, in Ruston, Louisiana. He was born in Georgia in the 1830's or 1840's and died about 1885 in Louisiana. Their children:

2. William Edward Galloway was born February 20, 1877, in Ruston, Louisiana, and died July 1830 near Cove, Polk County, Arkansas. He married Carrie May Carstraphen September 18, 1910, Ruston, Louisiana. She was born July 17, 1892, Union Parish, near Downsville, Louisiana. They had ten children:

The information on Martha P. BRASWELL was provided by her granddaughter Ruth Galloway Clark of Lee's Summit, Missouri.



1. George Washington BRASWELL was born June 19, 1848, and died November 17, 1914. He married Nancy Eliza Williams September 9, 1868. Eliza was born January 15, 1850, and died April 12, 1912. Their children:


1. Hubbard Peeples BRASWELL was born June 25, 1869, and died July 21, 1921, and is buried in Sibley, Louisiana. Hubbard wed Mavour Clements December 21, 1897. She died May 1966 and was buried in Minden, Louisiana. Their children:

2. Claiborne Lloyd BRASWELL was born August 24, 1898, and died November 9, 1955. 1924, he married Marguerite Walter. Their children:

3. Arnold Webb BRASWELL was born in Minden, Louisiana, 1925. Arnold received his B.S. degree from U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1948. After graduation, 1948 he married Ione Davis. Ione was born 1925, in Minden, Louisiana. He later returned to school and in 1967 received his M.B.A. degree from George Washington University. Arnold retired from the United States Air Force at the rank of Lieutenant General and is currently the President of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute in Arlington, Virginia, and has been since 1984. The children of Arnold and Ione:

The above information was provided by Arnold Braswell in 1989 and 1990.



1. James Henry BRASWELL was born December 22, 1874, and died July 21, 1937. He married Sallie Gullatt on December 28, 1893. Their son:

2. George W. BRASWELL was born 1902. He married Eula Kates.



1. Effie BRASWELL was born May 8, 1876, and married David Samuel Sims on October 8, 1896. Their children:

 Mrs. Loree Hortman, a descendant of Edward Reed BRASWELL, also contributed information on this line.

Arnold Braswell would like to correspond with anyone who has information on his Valentine BRASWELL, Sr. and other members of his line. His address as of 1990 was: 1537 Dahlia Court, McLean, Virginia 22101.



1. Thomas Millard BRASWELL was born May 1859 in Scotland. He and two brothers are believed to have come over together and landed in a southern port. One brother, Waverly, was supposed to have settled in Macon, Georgia. Thomas died 1898 and was buried in the Hampton Cemetery, south side of Crab Orchard Lake, Williamson County, Illinois. He married Florence Emily Hampton, born December 11, 1863, and died 1931, Williamson County. Their children:

2. Lewis Wesley BRASWELL, son of Thomas and Florence, was born 1891, Williamson County, Illinois. In 1922 he married Goldie May Dalton, born January 1890, Mound City, Illinois. Her parents were Jasper Newton and Mary Elizabeth (Arter) Dalton. Lewis died December 18, 1960, Cairo, Illinois.

3. Wayne BRASWELL, son of Lewis and Goldie, was born 1932, Mound City, Illinois. In 1960, he married Lillie Stonecipher who was born 1936, in Tamms, Illinois. They had two children:

 The address of Wayne BRASWELL in 1973 was 12806 California St., Blue Island, Illinois 60406. Mrs. Wayne BRASWELL stated that the information on Thomas Millard BRASWELL was copied from a bible.



1. Zadoc BRASWELL- No personal data, married Sallie Howell, see page 179.

2. John BRASWELL, son of Zadoc, born August 1, 1801, Edgecombe County, died February 23, 1868. He was married to Elizabeth (see page 178) their children:

3. Benjamin BRASWELL was born 1827 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. He married Mary Hargroves. Their children:

4. Josephine BRASWELL, daughter of Benjamin, married Thadeaus Williams.

5. Josephine and Thadeaus's child, name and information not given.

6. Leah ???, granddaughter of Josephine and Thadeaus, of Nashville, North Carolina, married a Manning.

Some of the BRASWELL men never returned to their homes after the Civil War, but settled in other parts of the country. There was a Benjamin BRASWELL who went to Texas about 1869 or 1870. He settled in Evergreen, Texas. In the Civil War, his leg was shot off. Aunt Sallie BRASWELL went to Texas soon after Benjamin and fell from a wagon and broker her leg just four miles from Evergreen.

Mrs. Leah Manning furnished this information, her home is in Nashville, North Carolina.




1. Samuel BRASWELL who settled in Dry Creek, DeKalb County, Tennessee, in the early 1800's, had a large holding of land. Either he was married twice or his wife was married twice as there was a son Bill who was called half brother by Milton BRASWELL. It is possible that his wife's name was Polly but more research needs to be done. Samuel died before 1887 and was probably buried on his own farm on Dry Creek. In the early days it was customary to bury on the land they loved so much and had given so much of themselves to. The children we have knowledge of:

2. Milton BRASWELL was born March 15, 1845, and died 1919, he was buried in the old Salem Baptist Cemetery, Liberty, Tennessee. Milton married Amanda Kerley who was born about 1850 and died 1944. Milton and Amanda were early settlers of DeKalb County, Tennessee. Their children:

(The 1880 DeKalb County, Tennessee Census shows the older of the children given as James S. 13; Minie S. 11; Ada J. 7; Mary V. 11 months. This must be the family of Milton as the ages agree as well as the name of his wife- Amanda.)

3. Lillie Mae BRASWELL was born 1887 in DeKalb County, Tennessee. She married William Thomas Bratton 1906. They have a lovely home in Liberty, Tennessee. Here, surrounded by fond memories and familiar faces and places, they spend their golden years. In 1973, they celebrated their sixty-seventh wedding anniversary. Their children:

4. Grace Ann Bratton married (?) Medley. She made her home with her parents and was, at that time (1973), the local post mistress.

The old Salem Baptist Church was founded in 1809, Liberty, Tennessee. It is the mother church of all the Baptist churches in that area. It is a lovely old dark red brick with a silver dome. On the north of the church is an old cemetery that is well kept and still in use. There are many old grave markers that time and weather have worn the inscriptions away, but they still represent the love and care that was once given them. Large oaks stand in the front churchyard and the parsonage is near by. Samuel BRASWELL united with this church about 1832 and Polly BRASWELL about 1843.




Richard BRAZEL was born about 1800 in Tennessee. He died after 1870 in Fayette County, Illinois. (This information was taken from Federal Census 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860.) In 1870 Richard BRAZEL aged seventy was enumerated in the poor house. On the 1850 Census his wife was shown to be Judiceal, who was born in Kentucky about 1801. They had the following children:

These names and dates were sent by a great-granddaughter of Richard BRAZEL and granddaughter of Jane (BRAZEL) Holman. At the age of ninety, she was still living in Beecher City, Illinois.

Mrs. Robert Harshaw sent the following information:

The 1830 Federal Census of Fayette County, Illinois, page 244, line 28-

The 1835 Census of Illinois State, County Fayette, page 11, line 8-

The 1850 Federal Census enumerated August 30, 1850, page 390A; lines 31-37-

The 1855 State Census, Fayette County, Illinois, page 11-

The 1860 Federal Census Fayette County, Illinois, page 283-



Valentine BRAZEL (brother of Richard BRAZEL listed above???) and his family, with their friend the noted Indian fighter and hunter (?), were the first settlers of Ramsey Township. They settled on Section 34 and built a log cabin on Ramsey Creek, which was the first to be erected in what is now known as Ramsey Township. Following them were Z.F. Watwood, who came in 1817; John Hall; Joseph Hall; a Mr. Ramsey; and Jeremiah Riley. In 1820 Isaac Anderson, Charles Radcliff, Zadoc Blankenship, A. Chandler, E. Pierce, and William James located there. The first schoolhouse was a small log building and was built on Section 35.

The first marriage here was between W.F. Watwood and Charity Hinds in 1820, and the first birth was that of Robert BRAZEL, son of Valentine about 1818.

The following is a copy of military record received from the National Archives.

Private VALENTINE BRAZEL served with Captain Jacob Short's Company of U.S. Mounted Rangers May 16, 1814 to May 15, 1815. He received $1.00 a day for a total pay of $365.00. He appears on the Company Muster Rolls as follows:

Valentine BRAZEL- May 15 to June 20, 1814, at Camp Lively.

Valentine BRAZEL- June 20 to August 31, 1814, at Camp Lively, absent- on command.

Valentine BRAZEL- August 31 to October 31, 1814, at Camp Middleton, absent- on command.

Valentine BRAZEL- December 31, 1814, to February 28, 1815, at Camp Middleton, absent- sick.

Valentine BRAZEL- February 28, 1815, to May 15, 1815, at Camp Russell, present.





1. Moses BRAZIL was perhaps born in Arkansas about 1870. His wife was Laura McCormick. He was a generous and religious man who gave land to the Harmony Baptist Church. Their children:

2. Hugh BRAZIL was born January 3, 1901, and died 1951 and was buried in the Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery. He married Bess Harrison. The children of Hugh and Bess:

3. Bobby BRAZIL (parents undeterminable) was born 1931, Dardenell, Arkansas. He was adopted by his Uncle Hugh BRAZIL. In 1956, he married Bonnie Defoor. She was the daughter of Bruce and Alice (Riley) Defoor, of Hollis, Oklahoma. Their child:

The preceding information was provided by Bobby BRAZIL of 711 Bradley Street, Pampa, Texas.



1. George Washington BRAZIL was born June 20, 1815, in Georgia. He died August 22, 1899, Fayette County, Alabama. He married Nancy Berry who was born May 15, 1825, Georgia (?). She died November 26, 1906, Fayette County, Alabama. Their children:

2. Eldridge Guthrie BRAZIL was born March 20, 1875, Fayette County, Alabama. December 23, 1903, he married Ica Myrtle Evans, who was born August 19, 1886, Hill County, Texas, and died June 13, 1945, Nolan County, Texas. Eldridge died August 22, 1950, Nolan County. Their children:

3. Polly BRAZIL was born 1917, Nolan County, Texas.

Polly's home is 1706 Pease Street, Sweetwater, Texas. She would be happy to correspond with anyone of her line.



Source of information: marriage recorded in Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois. Place of burial- Bob Doan Cemetery, near Beecher City, Illinois. 1830 Census of Fayette County, lists Richard BRAZZLE and James BRAZZLE as heads of households. Richard BRAZZLE lists a female child of comparable age of Jane (see page 120 and 121?). 1880 Census of Fayette County, Louden Twp, page 1 with Thomas Holman as head of household- wife Jane [may be second wife as the information given us, shows Jane (BRAZEL) Holman died in 1839] lists her father as being born in Tennessee and her mother from Kentucky.

The following information was given by living descendants who still reside in that area.

 That Richard BRAZZLE, who was the father of Jane BRAZZLE, was justice of the court in Fayette County, Illinois. That Richard BRAZZLE eloped with (Thomas?) Roberts. Nine children were born to them. That Roberts was brought up by her Grandmother, Dycie Roberts, who was well off materially. This Grandmother was buried in Nathan Holme's orchard. She must have, in later years, come to reside with her grandmother. That Richard BRAZZLE served in the Mexican War. That Richard BRAZZLE had a brother James BRAZZLE or BRAZIEL.

This information copied from notes made at Brownstone, Illinois in 1970.

James BRAZZLE- civil clerk, Vandalia, Illinois. Paper states that he died on or about January 2, 1852. Wife not living and no children under eighteen. Two sons, Valentine and Benjamin BRAZZLE, both under twenty-one. Daughter Cloey BRAZZLE- wife of Thomas Turner.

Old Liberty Cemetery, Brownstone, Fayette County, Illinois is an old cemetery on a hillside. Some of the headstones:

Bethany Cemetery- Sefton



1. Blainey BRASWELL, born 1791 in North Carolina, married Alice. Their children:

2. James W. BRASWELL, born January 4, 1819, Jones County, Georgia, died December 20, 1893. He married Mary Ann Thomas, June 11, 1846. She was born February 18, 1829, North Carolina. The children of James and Mary Ann:

3. Lahmon Judson BRASWELL, born September 3, 1868, Perote, Bullock County, Alabama. He married Spencer Jane Yarborough on Christmas Eve, 1896, Geneva, Alabama. He died May 28, 1931, and was buried Midway Cemetery, Homes County, Alabama. Spencer was born June 18, 1868, and died August 10, 1963, Geneva. Their children:

4. James Yarborough BRASWELL was born November 4, 1897, Perote, Alabama. In 1922?, he married his first wife Josephine Lula Howell who was born in Limestone Community near Darlington, Florida. She was the daughter of Joe Tom and Levenia (Commander) Howell. Their children:

James Yarborough's second marriage was to Rosa Curry who was born January 31, 1903, and died June 1, 1982, Freeport, Florida, and was buried in Mt. Ida Cemetery, Holmes County, Florida. The children of this marriage:

5. Betty Jo BRASWELL was born 1935, Geneva, Geneva County, Florida. She married Franklin Lavoy Kirkland 1953, Geneva, Alabama. His parents were Franklin Posey and Callie Viola (Prescott) Kirkland. Betty Jo and Franklin had four children:

6. Callie Faye Kirkland was born 1955, *Dothan, Houston County, Alabama. In 1973, she married Jimmie Bryan who was born 1953, Enterprise, Alabama. His parents were Marvin and Louvie Lee (Thompson) Bryan. As of 1979, Faye and Jimmie had two children (twins):

* This record was consolidated from information sent by Jimmie Bryan and Rhonda Jo Stone- unknown which is correct place of birth for Callie Faye.


1. George W. (Phillip) BRAZEL whose home was in Union County, Illinois. His children:

2. Olive BRAZEL was born May 12, 1863, Union County and died April 12, 1944. She married Israel J. Settlemoir, born August 26, 1858, also in Union County.

3. Harry Settlemoir was born October 18, 1882, Union County, Illinois. He married Ruth Gaunt on December 21, 1904. Ruth was born August 22, 1885.

4. Alline Settlemoir, daughter of Harry and Ruth, was born 1905, Saline County, Illinois. She married Joseph Milton Crain.

5. James Warren Crain, son of Alline and Joseph, was born 1933, Alexander County, Illinois. 1953, he married Carolyn Ann Luton. James graduated from the University of Illinois and was a corporation president. The sons of James and Carolyn:

James Warren Crain was living in Mounds, Illinois, in 1977, at that time his address was Route 1, Box 102, Mounds, Illinois.



1. John Hutchins, born 1738 and died 1825, married Jane BRASWELL in 1792. His parents were Strangeman and Elizabeth (Cox) Hutchins.

2. Quintillo Hutchins, daughter of John and Jane, was born February 13, 1801, Surry County, North Carolina, and died January 10, 1886, in Indiana. On July 1, 1814, she married George Brandon, who was born February 6, 1792, in North Carolina and died May 8, 1844, Green County, Indiana.

3. Elizabeth Brandon, daughter of Quintillo and George, was born August 5, 1817, North Carolina, and died October 19, 1880. She married William Payne, born 1800 in North Carolina, and died 1870. They were married September 11, 1838.

4. Martha Ann Payne, daughter of Elizabeth and William, married David Howell, born 1831, Green County, Indiana, and died April 7, 1906, Snyder, Oklahoma. There are no statistics on Martha Ann at this time.

5. Nancy Ellen Howell, daughter of Martha Ann and David, was born April 11, 1875 (?), Koleen, Indiana, and died March 7, 1938, Valley Mills, Indiana. Nancy married Victor V. Vinson, born July 28, 1868, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and died February 23, 1949, Hazard, Kentucky.

6. James Glarden Vinson, son of Nancy and Victor, was born 1918, Kentucky and married Carlisle Sheegog on 1939.

7. Patricia Ann Vinson, daughter of James and Carlisle, was born 1940, Hazard, Kentucky. She married Robert R. Hoffpauir 1959.

In 1980, the home of Patricia Hoffpauir was Jennings, Louisiana.




Often, in the old days, names were spelled phonetically and this could possibly account for the different spellings in this record.

1. Henry BRASHALL/BRASSALL born about 1620 in Virginia.

2. Henry BRAZEEL, born about 1651 in Virginia.

3. Henry BREAZEALE, born about 1681 in Virginia.

4. Willis BREAZEALE, son of Henry, was born about 1712 in either Abberville, South Carolina, or Virginia. His first marriage was to Sarah Wood. His second marriage was to Sarah (?). More information is needed to decided which is the mother of this line. Willis's children:

5. George Washington BREAZEALE, born 1780 in Abberville, South Carolina. About 1820 he married Unity Dickerson Trice, the daughter of James and Mary Polly (Smith) Trice. Unity was probably born in Virginia or North Carolina and she died before 1836.

6. Willis Washington BREEZEEL (changed spelling of his name to BREEZEEL) was born 1823, Wayne County, Tennessee, and died July 1897. He married Nancy Shemwell. Nancy was born February 28, 1843, and died 1893 and was buried in the Ford Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky.

7. George Milas BREEZEEL was born October 6, 1862, Marshall County, Kentucky, and died January 31, 1911, Marshall County and was buried in the Ford Cemetery near Benton, Kentucky. He married Martha Jane Hendrickson, the daughter of James Monroe and Celia Ann (Smith) Hendrickson. She was born February 11, 1869, in Marshall County and died April 27, 1911, Marshall County.

8. John McCoy BREEZEEL was born 1900, in Marshall County, Kentucky. He married Thelma Elvira Peters on 1925. Thelma was born in McCracken County, Kentucky. Their daughter:

9. Elvira Jane BREEZEEL, born 1926, married Charles Edward Lewis 1951. Their children:

This lineage was compiled from information provided by Mrs. John McCoy BREEZEEL of Benton, Kentucky, 1978, and Mrs. Charles Lewis of Benton, Kentucky.



1. Dr. John BRASWELL was born September 28, 1825, and died October 21, 1893, Paris, Tennessee. He married Mary Macon Hamilton who was born 1835 and died 1902 and was buried in the Hamlin Cemetery, Concord, Kentucky. Her parents were Peter S. and Virginia Hamlin. (See page 56)

2. Charles Edward BRASWELL, son of John and Mary, was born February 4, 1863, Calloway County, Kentucky, or Paris, Tennessee, and died 1931 Kuttawa, Kentucky. He married Flora Smith who was born November 7, 1871, Calloway County and died August 6, 1960, Kuttawa County.

3. Charles Edward BRASWELL, Jr., son of Charles and Flora, was born 1901, Eddyville, Kentucky. 1937 he married Nora Lee Pearl Fredonin who was born 1916, Cadez, Kentucky. Their children:

4. Donna Jane BRASWELL, daughter of Charles and Nora, was born 1941, Oak Park, Illinois. She married Raymond F. Mussate on 1968. He was born 1943, Chicago, Illinois. Their children:

Donna and Raymond Mussate's home was in San Rafael, California in 1976.

UPDATE: Connection found, see SECTION II, page 56.



1. Jesse P. BRASWELL was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and married Lucinda Moore, who was born in North Carolina and died March 5, 1911, in Emporia, Virginia.

2. Jesse Thomas BRASWELL was born June 14, 1860, North Carolina, and died June 15, 1927, in Emporia, Virginia. He married Rebecca Vick on December 20, 1882. Rebecca was born June 4, 1863, in North Carolina, C.S.A., and died March 6, 1946, in Emporia. Her parents were Goven A. and Sarah (Bradley) Vick. The children of Jesse and Rebecca:

3. William Govan BRASWELL was born June 2, 1892, Portsmouth, Virginia, and died June 23, 1976, in Petersburg, Virginia. He married Martha Schisler April 16, 1918. She was born October 16, 1896, in Coles, Illinois, and died September 17, 1975, in Richmond. She was the daughter of Frederick Alvatt and Rebecca (Squibb) Schisler. The children of William and Martha:

4. Ethel Louise BRASWELL was born 1923, Lawrenceville, Virginia. She married Preston Bell Ozmar 1945. Preston was born 1921, in Richmond, Virginia. Their children:

In 1980 the home of Ethel Ozmar was Lawrenceville, Virginia.



1. Robert BRASWELL, born in Georgia 1812, married Delilah Hammond about 1835. She was born 1813 in Alabama. Their children:

2. Andrew BRASWELL, born 1837, Alabama, and died Lufkin, Texas. He married Matilda Turner about 1865, C.S.A. Their children:

3. Louis Turner BRASWELL, born August 26, 1869, Polk County, Texas, Confederate States of America, and died October 3, 1921, Jasper, Texas. He married Essie Frazier Shine December 23, 1894. She was born September 28, 1875, Butler County, Alabama, and died August 18, 1954, Jasper, Texas. Their children:

4. Kern L. BRASWELL was born September 14, 1897, Polk County, Texas, and died August 19, 1961, Jasper, Texas. He married Ethel Orton September 28, 1919. Ethel was born November 8, 1896, and died December 9, 1966, Beaumont, Texas. Their children:

5. James Louis BRASWELL was born 1920, Jasper, Texas, and married Neva Lee Howell 1942. Neva was born 1919, Denton, Texas. Her father was Joseph T. Howell. Their children:

6. Martha BRASWELL was born 1944, Jasper, Texas. She married Peter Pampolina 1964. Their children:

In 1979 the home of Martha (BRASWELL) Pampolina was in Redding, Connecticut.



1. Isaac BRASWELL- no data.

2. Thomas Jefferson BRASWELL was born May 27, 1820, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and died in Nash County, North Carolina. His wife was Elizabeth "Betsy" Robbins who was born in Edgecombe County.

3. Isaac Cromwell BRASWELL was born May 27, 1855, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and died June 21, 1932, in Nash County, North Carolina. He married Martha Elizabeth Inscoe, the daughter of William and Susan (Stallings) Inscoe, on October 9, 1883. Martha was born August 23, 1866, Franklin County, North Carolina, C.S.A., and died February 3, 1952, Wake County, North Carolina.

4. Mildred Marie BRASWELL was born 1901, in Nash County, North Carolina, and married William Spencer Boone on 1924. William was born 1902, in Franklin County, North Carolina, and was the son of Spencer Herbert and Martha Long Nicholson (King) Boone. The children of Mildred and William:

5. Charlotte Boone was born 1926, in Franklin County, North Carolina. Her first marriage was to James A. Jennings. Their children:

After the death of James, Charlotte married George G. Perry, Jr. who was born 1915, Bladen County, North Carolina. They had one son:

In 1980 Charlotte Perry's home was in Nashville, Tennessee.


1. Richard BRACEWELL, born 1740, North Carolina. He married Agnes Proctor.

2. Richard BRACEWELL who was born 1768, North Carolina and died September 3, 1818, Laurens County, Georgia. About 1793 he married Charity Roda Scarbrough.

3. William BRACEWELL, born October 13, 1801, Laurens County, Georgia, and died in Dale County, Alabama. On January 24, 1819, he married Elizabeth Stephens who was born October 6, 1800, and died December 31, 1862, Dale County, Alabama, Confederate States of America (see page 169).

4. Artimacie BRACEWELL was born November 4, 1828, Laurens County, Georgia, and died February 19, 1906, Marlin, Texas. She married Stephen Franklin Barnes, born April 15, 1825, South Carolina, and died June 14, 1906, Marlin.

5. William Riley Barnes, son of Artimacie and Stephen, was born May 23, 1846, Dale County, Alabama, and died February 24, 1918, Madisonville, Texas. He married Sarah Jane Brigman May 10, 1867, C.S.A.

6. William Oscar Barnes was born March 1, 1870, Pensacola, Florida. On December 7, 1891, he married Ella Sarah Hearn, who was born November 21, 1869, Corpus Christi, Texas. Ella passed away January 6, 1943 in Mesa, Arizona, and William followed her January 7, 1943, in Phoenix, Arizona.

7. Ethel Mae Barnes was born November 8, 1896, Corpus Christi, Texas. She married Charles Lawrence Sparks, born February 23, 1894, Mathis, Texas, and died September 13, 1976. They were married 1919.

8. Frances Laurine Sparks was born 1920, Tempe, Arizona. She married Wilson Alonzo Thomas who was born 1915, Scipio, Oklahoma. They were married 1939. Their children:

9. Willa Laurie Thomas was born 1940, Phoenix, Arizona, and in 1962, married David Wendell Sorenson. They have two children:




1. Daniel BRAZIEL of 1812- no further data at this time.

2. Aaron BRAZIEL of 1824?- no further data at this time.

3. Joseph Hutchinson BRAZIL (changed spelling to BRAZIL) who was born March 7, 1846. He married

Rachael Rainey who was born February 16, 1846, and died April 12, 1896. Their children:

4. Minnie Docia BRAZIL was born February 17, 1873, Perry County, Arkansas, and died December 24, 1945, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. She married Edward A. Tarvin, born September 25, 1871, Calhoun County, Arkansas, and died September 24, 1913, Perry County, Arkansas, and was buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Perry County. They were married in February 1892.

5. William Cullen Tarvin, born February 19, 1902, Perry County, Arkansas, and died December 1976, Little Rock, Arkansas. In October 1920, he married Grace Marie Dry who was born 1902, Perry County and died 1973, Little Rock, Arkansas. She was the daughter of William and Alma Beatrice (Williamson) Dry. The children of William and Grace:

6. William Edward Tarvin was born 1921, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. In 1943, he married Mary Ellen Wood who was born 1921, Chelsea, Oklahoma. Their children:

William's home in 1980 was in Little Rock, Arkansas.



1. David BRASWELL, born July 25, 1820, and died December 22, 1892. He married Pennie (?). On the 1880 Coffee County Census, the following information was found:

2. W.W. BRASWELL, born August 10, 1843, Georgia. He married Gertrude Reynolds who was born January 7, 1850, and died 1936. W.W. died September 13, 1883. Their children:

3. Ella Eugenia BRASWELL was born June 15, 1883. She married Pascal Bruce Traweek, Atty.

4. Ruth Traweek of Northport, Alabama- no vital statistics.




 1. George W. BRAZLE was born August 15, 1812, and died August 15, 1869. He married Elizabeth (?) who was born January 18, 1825, Ohio and died August 23, 1867.

2. Jeruna Angeline BRAZLE was born December 28, 1854, Wisconsin and died December 16, 1927, in Kansas City, Missouri, and was buried in Jasper County, Missouri. She married William B. Williams who was born about 1855, Wisconsin.

3. Elizabeth Emily Williams was born April 30, 1892, Jasper County, Missouri, and died August 3, 1953, Kansas City. In 1907, she married William Hennessey, who was born about 1832? in Canada.

4. John H. Hennessey, who was born March 3, 1908, Bourbon County, Kansas, died December 15, 1978, Hickory County, Missouri. He married Norma Lucille Rush on 1931. She was the daughter of Clarence and Lucille (Kidd) Rush.

5. Patricia Hennessey was born 1933, Kansas City, Missouri. She married Albert "Bud" Weeks in 1954. No more information on her family at this time.