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Why a rebuttal page?

I feel the following dissertation is not only timely, but important in view of the charges of Carey (Brazil) Bracewell in his effort to literally abolish, therefore destroying the heritage of  the entire line descending from Robert Bracewell, Jr. One paragraph from his writings is included, below, which makes clear his intent and of course there is a rebuttal immediately following. The Time Line presents a graphic illustration of errors being made by some researchers.

How many times have we, individually or collectively,  had our efforts slapped down by so called "Eminent Researchers"  How many times have we given up on an idea or dropped a trail because a "Prominent Genealogist" said we were on the wrong trail.  Our reticence is, quite possibly, often taken by the "Noted Authority" that we have meekly submitted to their vastly superior reservoir of "facts."  For the life of me, I do not understand why they become so self righteously indignant when their authority is challenged by simple inquiries or observations or newly discovered facts.  They deal with such impertinences by "apologizing" for the errant inquisitor or censoring the truth by banishing that person from "their" list.  Perhaps it stems from a life lived in the shadow of others who have achieved and they have a need to become "legends of their time," unfortunately the truth is they have simply become nothing more than "legends in their own minds!"

As we all know, genealogical research can be, aside from the enjoyment, highly informative for it subjectively brings to life a part of this great country's history; the part which was made by real people who, not unlike us today, dreamed, hoped, toiled and struggled to make a better life for themselves and those who would follow - us.

 This, my dear  cousins, is very important for many of us have seen what happens when history is distorted and truth is nothing more than a five letter word.  A valuable lesson can be learned from the ignominious monster, Adolph Hitler.  Hitler said, during his calculated rise to power, that "if you tell the same lie long enough and often enough, people will come to believe it as being true."  He went on to say "all we have to do is get a people to doubt themselves and when that is done they have defeated themselves."  Is that not what is happening here?  If we're called "Bastards" long enough and loud enough and offered "proof" enough will we not come to have doubts as to who we are and from whence we came?  So why is this so important to take such a stand against, what appears to be, a demagogue?  The answer is quite simple.  For those of us who answered the "Call to Colors," proudly served while wearing the uniform of our country and saw, first hand,  the results of such demagoguery I simply cannot sit idly by and say or do nothing.  For the memory of my sister's husband who died crossing the Rhine; for the memory of my wife's only sibling who died during the early dawn hours of D-Day while piloting his glider in the area of St. Mere Iglese; for the memory of my brother in law, Harold, who trudged the jungles of New Guinea; for the memory of my cousin and his only son whose name is inscribed on the "Wall," again, I cannot and will not sit idly by and do nothing.

To the self proclaimed great delineators of wisdom they should be aware that anger is only one letter short of danger; that great minds discuss and share knowledge while not didactically purveying their interpretation of events in lieu of undiscovered corroboration.  They should also be aware that  small minds discuss people, more often than not, unfairly.  With that said, let's now consider and rebut just one paragraph that may be found on the Internet.

Note: The word "Bastard" is mentioned only because Carey has used it in a number of his narratives in which he refers to "Susannah's Bastards." I regret the use of such unpleasant language, but that is the way he often uses it in describing the descendents of Robert.

Samuel C. Braswell
Nephew of Dr. Roy B. Braswell

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