The Wonderful World of Horses

When is a horse something other than just a horse? When he's yours of course and then he becomes very special indeed. Tom Hickey, right, is pictured saying goodbye to his friend "Flicka," a very special filly foaled at Tom's Tom and Flickaplace in Dripping Springs, Texas. Tom, wanting his friend to have a better than average chance in the horse world had given her to a "Texas Horse Whisperer,"

Flicka was delivered to my daughter, Joy, to start her training. She was, according to the "Whisperer," to be trained as an athlete but he wanted her to be gentle. Tom stopped by several times to watch Joy work with Flicka and was pleased with her progress. Joy was the first to ride Flicka and with some help from Javier Bazan, left, was able to have the horse readyJavier and Flicka for the next trainer the "Whisperer" had selected. Before being taken to the Houston area she had learned to "get along" with the farrier; get in and out of a trailer; walk up and put her head into a halter; accommodate other riders in the round pen, working area and large pasture; reining and be ground tied. In March of '98 her name was changed to "Union" from Flicka and was taken to a John Lyon's certified instructor for more specialized training so she could join "The Whisperer" in demonstrating his training method.

We have lost touch with Flicka and have not heard how she is doing. It was fascinating to watch, on video, her progress move from the totally undisciplined equine into well mannered, well behaved horse. I also learned that I had not given my daughter credit in her ability to train this thousand pound creature. She has often been called "Liza Doolittle, because of her affinity for animals and by the way they respond to her. Without magical techiques, but by using only her quiet natural approach, soft hands, cool head and a genuine gentle touch, she was able to communicate to this horse what she wanted. And she got it.

Flicka's training captured on videotape is but one example of how training, coupled with a well structured narrative is important not only to the client but is an irrefutable documentation of the quality of that training. After a horse is delivered it is then up to the owner to make proper use of the training you have done. And it's recorded on videotape for posterity.

Archival videotape can also become a powerful public relations and sales tool but unfortunately, most of the video shot is all too often recorded on separate video cassette tapes. Unfortunately such videotape is not, as a rule, suitable for sales demonstration or public relations purposes. Unless it is edited with good narration or titles and music, such videotape is not much more than a nice record that can be played back on a VCR. I do offer an editing service you might want to consider.

Equine video is very special to me. I first started videotaping equine events in 1993 when our youngest daughter became involved with the horseOn the Trail world. It was only a matter of time until there were shows and competitions to be taped so she could learn from them and learn she did. Her learning curve went vertical in a very short period of time. I learned from the shows that there was much more to videotaping horses than just aiming the camera and pressing the record button. I started to notice the different techniques of different riders and would focus in on them and my daughter as well. She had a new tool for improving her riding abilities and competing... me! Her mother and I loved it then and still do.

My learning curve was also rising. I learned, for instance, about Identification Video after she bought her first horse. I also learned that, fortunately, that good quality video, carefully edited, can make the difference between winning and losing in the event of a lawsuit(see Ranch Residents) Not only can tough questions be answered before they're asked, but the visual testimony of videotape can deliver a powerful and emotional statement.

If you offer any type of riding instruction you must visit our page on "Subsidy Senior RiderVideo" and then you might consider having your own instructional videotape made, which you can sell to your students. If you are seriously promoting your stables, our Subsidy Video Program allows you a very good opportunity to not only cover the cost of production, but you could possibly end up making a profit as well. All our Subsidy Videotapes come with music added, narration and a colorful, custom designed cover in a very handsome Library Presentation Album type case. All tapes are labelled on the spine as well as the face. It makes a powerful, professional statement for your stables that can only enhance your credibility and prestige.  Home page Editing
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