Chicksands: A Millennium of History
William C. Grayson

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Chicksands: A Millennium of History by William C. Grayson. $7.50 postage paid to US and APO Addresses. Proceeds of each purchase contributed to USAF Museum

3rd Edition (1999), 350pp, heavily illustrated, many drawings commissioned for the book and many previously unpublished photos; indexed. In stock and available for prompt direct shipment.

Complete history of Chicksands from the end of the last Ice Age to present UK organisations -

  • · Details of Chicksands' religious beginnings and 400 years of co-ed but separated monastic life to the 16th Century seizure by King Henry 8th; historic origins of the "Rosetta-the-Ghost" legend; Chicksands' communications security heritage.

    · Chicksands as an aristocratic estate: most completely researched and detailed history of Sir Peter Osborne and daughter Dorothy's experiences during the English Civil War; a love story worth knowing; examination of Dorothy's letters to Sir William Temple, her future husband.

    · Chicksands' important links to Colonial America and the American War for Independence: Sir Danvers Osborn, Baronet of Chicksands Priory as Royal Governor of New York and an analysis of his mysterious and tragic death; Revolutionary War service of Sir Danvers' vengeful son, Sir George, who disembarked in New York City wearing a Redcoat - right after publication of the Declaration of Independence. Sir George's contact with General Washington on a most awful subject.

    · Chicksands reverts to Crown ownership as the clouds of World War II gather; operational history of the RAF "Y Service" at Chicksands and details of signals interception and analysis of German, Italian and even Japanese radio signals; many first-person stories. Analysis of the two Luftwaffe air raids against Chicksands in 1940.

    · Cold War history of the USAF at RAF Chicksands from 1950 to 1995: operational details of signals collection, analysis and reporting; origin of the Fighting Chick; full documentation of the USAF's drawdown and closing ceremonies; demolition of the FLR-9 "Elephant Cage."

    · A new chapter of the book added for the 3rd Edition on the UK Defence Intelligence & Security Centre and on the British Army Intelligence Corps at Chicksands; restoration of the Priory with many up-to-date photos.

    · Special annex containing personal reminiscences of many Americans living and working at Chicksands and in England.

    Have a copy of the book personalised for yourself (or your parent/grandparent if a gift) as a family heirloom: a special colour plate will be added to the inside front cover with the Fighting Chick emblem or DISC logo (specify which) and a name, grade, unit/section, job assignment, service years at Chicksands. Request at time of purchase - print clearly. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!