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  Sharon Lee Butcher (14/7/1999)

  From Arnold AFB, Coffee County, TN USA

  As a librarian, I am really happy to see so much interest on the
  website in books. Which leads into my request to present and
  former Chixters: I am putting together a Chicksands cookbook and
  would like input from those who might wish to contribute recipes.
  Brigadier Holtom has OK'd this idea, and I am chomping at the bit
  to get started on this. As Chicksands is gaining recognition for its
  apples, recipes containing apples or apple products are of primary
  interest. I will happily accept English or American recipes, and I am
  also looking for some British regional recipes or favorites from the
  pubs and restaurants from the Bedfordshire area. Fun to include
  might simply be a listing of those favorite foods which some of us
  miss greatly. For me, its bangers and orange squash, plaice,
  authentic British fish and chips with malt vinegar, McVitie's Jamaican
  Ginger Cake, Cadbury chocolate, Penguin biscuits, pork pies,
  Ribena, anything containing currents, etc. for the gods!
  Also, any interesting experiences about British foods might be
  included. I can recall one which still makes me chuckle. I envision
  the book to be sprinkled with local trivia and the like. This book will
  help raise funds for Chicksands. Please help make it a success by
  submitting a recipe(s)(or other input), with complete ingredients
  and measures, cooking time and temperature, etc. I'll have a
  conversions table for measure and oven temperatures, sugar
  equivalents, etc. E-mail submissions to the above, or regular mail,
  to my attention, at AEDC Technical Library, 100 Kindel Drive, Ste
  C212, Arnold AFB, TN 37389. Include your name and, if you wish,
  your address. As Delia Smith, Gary Rhodes, or Julia Child would
  say, bon appetit!

Reprint from message board.

  I just received my Chicksands Fighting Chicks shirt from Bill Grayson.
  Now, I will only have to purchase a few more wardrobe pieces before the
  reunion. Seriously though, the shirt is high quality and very
  appropriate. A small part of the price of the shirt goes to the reunion
  fund with the remainder of the cost going towards the shirt and postage.
  I understand there are limited quantities - so order yours today. To
  order your shirt send a check or money order for $29.00 to Bill Grayson
  at Chicksands Alumni and Friends, PO Box 4053 Crofton, MD 21114. Don't
  forget to specify your size. Thanks. Cheers Becky Fahey, SW Fund Raising

  Rebecca Fahey
  Shrewsbury, PA, USA - Friday, April 30, 1999 at 15:13:00 (BST)


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