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by J.W. Watson

Deed Book 5- James BRASWELL and Abner BRASWELL sold land jointly, January 3, 1791.

Deed Book 8- Lamon BRASWELL was the son of Benjamin BRASWELL, December 10, 1795.

Deed Book 9- Permenter, Elizabeth and James BRASWELL each sold a 26 acre tract to John Mercer in succeeding deeds dated July 13, 1814; August 21, 1816; January 14, 1817.

Deed Book 13- Roderick Cotton and wife Topping Cotton were heirs of Bennett Bell BRASWELL, deceased, son of Richard BRASWELL, deceased, and were also heirs of Winney BRASWELL, deceased, February 27, 1809.

Deed Book 14- Edwin BRASWELL was son of Lamon BRASWELL, deceased, January 19, 1813. Zilpha BRASWELL was orphan of Abner BRASWELL, deceased, February 25, 1812.

Deed Book 17- Benjamin BRASWELL and wife Rhoda, sold to Peoples Hill, a onefourth part of land of John Hill, deceased March 9, 1821. Nathan G. BRASWELL and wife Betsy, sold a one-fourth part of a tract of land to William Taylor, which land belonged to the orphans of Abram Taylor, May 25, 1822.

Deed Book 18- Nancy Adams, wife of Henry Adams, was formerly Nancy BRASWELL, widow of Abner BRASWELL, deceased January 7, 1824. Isaac BRAWELL, Sr. and wife Charity, deed of sale to Issac BRASWELL, Jr. February 25, 1825.

Deed Book 19- Charity BRASWELL, deceased, was daughter of Solomon BRASWELL, deceased, August 27, 1827. Joab P. Pitt and wife, Elizabeth, sold lands that formerly fell to Charity BRASWELL from the Estates of Solomon BRASWELL, Sr. deceased, and Admiral BRASWELL, deceased November 28, 1828. Joab P. Pitt and wife, Elizabeth, sold one-eighth part that they claimed as their share from the estate of Bennett Bell BRASWELL, deceased, son of Richard BRASWELL, deceased, November 28, 1828.

Deed Book 20- Alexander BRASWELL was son of Jacob BRASWELL; Nancy BRASWELL was wife of said Jacob BRASWELL, May 28, 1833. Boling BRASWELL and Sally BRASWELL, children of Marmaduke BRASWELL, deceased, of Halifax, County, North Carolina were heirs in part of David Randolph, deceased December 21, 1832.

Deed Book 21- Tempy BRASWELL was wife of Alexander BRASWELL, November 28, 1836.

Deed Book 22- Martha A. BRASWELL was the wife of Howell BRASWELL, May 18, 1840. John BRASWELL, wife Elizabeth, was son of Zadoc BRASWELL July 26, 1828. Alexander BRASWELL was son of Jacob BRASWELL, deceased August 23, 1841. Louisa BRASWELL was the widow of Bythal BRASWELL, deceased June 29, 1842.

Deed Book 23- Elizer Adams, wife of Willie Adams, was formerly Elizar BRASWELL widow of Bythal BRASWELL, deceased; deed of dower rights to Isaac BRASWELL, October 9, 1843.

Deed Book 24- Sally Moore was the widow of Etheldred Moore, deceased; John L. BRASWELL and wife, Penelope, were heirs of said Etheldred Moore, September 30, 1844. Rhoda BRASWELL was the widow of Benjamin BRASWELL, deceased March 19, 1847. Rebecca Rawlings, wife of James Rawlings, was an heir of Mary BRASWELL, deceased; deed to Archelaus BRASWELL, October 18, 1847. Division of the real estate of Benjamin BRASWELL, deceased, among the heirs, to wit: Calvin BRASWELL; Robert Lancaster and wife, Cynthia; Robert BRASWELL; Milly E. BRASWELL, December 28, 1847. Martha BRASWELL was wife of Howell BRASWELL, March 17, 1845.

Deed Book 25- Benjamin D. BRASWELL and Mary Dean were tenants in common as heirs of Robert R. BRASWELL, deceased December 27, 1849. Mrs. Crissy BRASWELL, widow of James BRASWELL, deceased; James H. Whitehead possessed a residual interest in her estate, January 21, 1851.

Deed Book 26- Division of the lands of Zadoc BRASWELL, deceased, among the children and heirs at law, to wit: Lucinda T. BRASWELL; Frances W. BRASWELL; Mary P. BRASWELL; Baker BRASWELL; Spencer L. BRASWELL; Zadoc BRASWELL, October 29, 1852. Nancy BRASWELL was the widow of Jacob BRASWELL, deceased, April 23, 1852. Zadoc R. BRASWELL, Spencer BRASWELL, Mary P. BRASWELL and Lucinda T. BRASWELL sold land jointly to Baker W. BRASWELL, December 23, 1852. Zadoc R. BRASWELL was an heir of Zadoc BRASWELL, deceased, August 28, 1854.






Marriage Records from the state of North Carolina.


BRASWELL, Sampson and MISS MOORE MAY 31, 1762

 BRASWELL, David and Nancy Ritterford September 14, 1762

BRASWELL, SAMUEL and Mary Williams November 30, 1762

BRASWELL, Simon and Mary Turner February 25, 1764

BRASWELL, Mary and Lewis Griffis June 28, 1764

BRASWELL, Soloman and Rachel Bird December 24, 1765

BRASWELL, Zadoc and Sally Howell January 27, 1800

(note: Roy BRASWELL, who visited the courthouses, has SAMUEL BRASWELL married to Miss Moore on May 31, 1762. The information above was taken from "North and South Carolina Marriage Records" by William M. Clem, page 41. and confirmed with the record.)



 Marriage Records from the state of Georgia:


BRAZELL, Sarah and Thomas Tucker January 4, 1831

BRAZELL, Elizabeth and Needham Branch January 8, 1849

BRAZELL, James and Nancy Conner June 2, 1849

BRAZELL, James and Nancy Conner September 9, 1850

BRAZELL, Mary and George J. Brown December 24, 1851


BRAZIL, Frances and William Cureton July 2, 1812

BRAZIL, Mansfield and Nancy H----- October 20, 1817

BRAZIL, Martha and Mills Minton September 27, 1820

BRAZIL, William and Creasey Tillman November 24, 1824

BRAZIL, Olsey and Elizabeth Welch March 2, 1829

BRAZIL, Lamentation and David Loring January 2, 1838


BRASSELL, Ellender and Edmund Price July 11, 1811

BRASWELL, Robert and Lucy Ann Minton July 31, 1817

BRASSEL, Benjamin and Mary Ann Price September 15, 1817

BRASSELL, James L. and Lentillis Haynes January 15, 1820

BRASSELL, Sarah and John Martin June 15, 1820

BRASSILL, Nathan and Anny Walden September 21, 1821

BRASSELL, Kindred and Patsey McCoy August 21, 1828

BRASSELL, Polly (Mary) and Lawson Williams December 5, 1833

BRASSELL, James and Martha Brighton December 18, 1834

BRASSELL, Derrill and Vashty Vining December 30, 1834

BRASSELL, James and Ann (Nancy) Darley January 4, 1842


Marriage Records from the state of Kentucky:


BAZZELL, Thomas and Caroline Sparks March 28, 1834

BAZZELL, Matilda and Jane Stone August 1839

BAZZELL, Smith L. and Frances G. BAZZEL (?) 1841

BAZEL, Martha and George Stone (?) 1842

BAZZELL, David and Dianna Langston (?) 1842

BAZZELL, Kindel and Rhoda Tucker (?) 1843

BAZEL, Lucinda and Simeon Culver (Consent of father Kindel) (?) 1844

BAZZEL, Susan and William Estes July 1, 1846

BAZZELL, N.Z. and A.P. Fisk May 9, 1886

BAZZELL, Sarah and William Borrington May 9, 1886

BAZZELL, W.K. and Mrs. Jack Cloys December 12, 1888

BAZZELL, Robert and Jane Canada August 11, 1896


BREEZEEL, Pickney and Etta Holmes No date

BRAZELLE, Elizah O. and Margarette Anderson March 31, 1846

BRAZELLE, Sarah Ann and Charles T. Hunt October 11, 1846

BRAZELLE, Ridley Ann and John Smith December 18, 1850

BRAZELL, E.D. and Mary J. BRAZEL September 7, 1854

BREEZEEL, Willis Washington and 2/w Nancy Shemwell (?) 1855

BREEZELL, W.W. and Sarah Shemwell July 20, 1855

BREZZELL, Virginia A. and William T. Burpoe February 15, 1865

BRAZELLE, Malinda C. and W.S. Ivey December 3, 1877

BREEZEEL, Amanda and Robert Ford March 4, 1880

BREEZEEL, Dora Laura and W.W. Castleberry March 10, 1882

BREEZEEL, George and Martha Henderson (?) 1887

BREEZEEL, Rebecca Ann and D.A. Shemwell February 1, 1892

BREEZEEL, Henry L. and Ida Howard (?) 1896

BREEZEEL, Susie and D.H. Collie (?) 1896

BREEZEEL, Henry L. and Ella Howard (?) 1923




by J.R. Grimes

Robert BRASWELL, Bertie Precinct, September 14, 1734, November Court, 1736. Sons: Robert, John, Richard, ("plantation whereon I now live."), Valentine (100 acres). Daughters: Sarah Doughtry, Jean BRASWELL, Mary BRASWELL, Godson: Diomee Summer (100 acres) Wife: Sarah. Executors: James Bryant, Joshaway Daughtrey.

Will of James Bryant, Bertie Precinct, March 11, 1731, November Court 1731. No probate. Son: William Bryant. John DeDew, Richard BRASWELL, James Bryant, Thomas Bryant, and Matthew Teler are named as children.----- etc.

Will of James Flood, Chowan County, North Carolina, November 15, 1750. Names wife and Extx: Elizabeth. Children: William and Ann BRASWELL.

Will of Christopher Gewin, Edgecombe County, April 2, 1748, February Court 1749. Names to wit: James BRASWELL, Benjamin BRASWELL, Abraham Dew.

Courtesy of Frances C. Griffin of Chesapeake, Virginia.



by William Griffin

Will of Bythal BRASWELL, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, January 21, 1841, Februray Court 1842- Book F, page 226. Wife: Louise. Estate equally divided between all children viz: Jacky, William, Calvin, Serany, and Francis BRASWELL (see page 101).

Courtesy of Mrs. Betty Lawrence of Meridian, Mississippi.



by Ruth S. Williams & Margarette G. Griffin

BRASWELL, Benjamin- P. 344. Jan. 23, 1827- Feb. Ct. 1827. Wife Chloe- 180 A. south side of Tar R., purchased of William BRASWELL, adjoining Simon Williams. Sons: 1. Orren D. (Orrendatus), 2. William- land to hold until his son Norfleet BRASWELL comes of age, 3. Reuben, 4. Dawson. Daus: 1. Mary Bass, 2. Betsey Freeman, 3. Milly Melton, 4. Elizabeth Thaney Stone, 5. Susan Lynch BRASWELL, 6. Roeany BRASWELL. 886 A. to Dawson, Susan and Roeany, to be rented until they come of age. Ex: Gideon Bass, Isaac Bass. Wit: Thomas Bryant, Simon Williams.

BRASWELL, Jacob- P. 313. Aug. 22, 1815- Aug. Ct. 1823. Sons: 1. Jacob, 2. William, 3. Brittain, 4. Jesse- land whereon I live, also land bought of Deny BRASWELL. Note: He does not mention son Nathan who moved to Bladen Co., N.C. before 1800. M.G.G. Daus: 1. Chloah (Chloe) Sellars, 2. Charity Hedgepeth, 3. Selah Evans, 4. Mary Jones, 5. Patience Thompson, 6. Patsey Atkinson, 7. Lucretia Pittman. Gr. daus: Nancy, Patsey and Harty Jones; Susanna, Temperance, Rhoda and Nancy Atkinson. Gr. son: John Atkinson. Ex: William Boddie, George Boddie. Wit: William BRASWELL, Elias Bass, Benjamin BRASWELL, John BRASWELL.

BRASWELL, Jeremiah- P. 554. May 26, 1856- May Ct. 1857. Wife unnamed. Nephew: Nicholas C. BRASWELL. Ex: E.B. Hilliard. Wit: Thomas J.A. Cooper, Richard Drake.

BRASWELL, Jesse- P. 592. April 14, 1859- Feb. Ct. 1865. Wife: Mary Ann (Extx). Sons: 1. Nicholas dec'd, 2. John, 3. Edward, 4. Madison, 5. Jefferson. Daus: 1. Lucy, 2. Louisiana N.B. Gr. chil: Mary Ann and William, chil. of son Nicholas; Addie, dau. of son John BRASWELL. Wit: A.D. Wester, Thomas Davis, Benj. L. Arrington.

BRASWELL, John- P. 621. Sept. 4, 1857- May Ct. 1860. Wife: Sarah- land on which I live on Beachtree Crk. and to Ward's line. Legatee: Francis Hedgepeth- $400 to be equally divided between the chil. of my brother William BRASWELL, by his first wife: 1. Joe, 2. Charity, 3. Lucy, 4. Harriett. Ex: Nephew John T. BRASWELL. Wit: George N. Lewis, C.W. Ward.

BRASWELL, SAMUEL- P. 94. Nov. 30, 1794- Feb. Ct. 1795. Wife: SARAH- plantation whereon I dwell and the land where my father lived and died- the two parcels containing 296 A. were given me by my father with reversion to my son Micajah. Sons: 1. Micajah, 2. SAMPSON- 300 A. land, 3. Wilson- remainder of land. Daus: 1. Elizabeth Woodard, 2. Margarett, 3. Quinny, 4. Sally. Ex: Howell Ellen, Frederick Hines. Wit: James Williams, Jesse Hunt, Martha Thomas. (For complete will, see page 183.)

BRASWELL, William Jr.- P. 6. Nov. 30, 1778- Jan. Ct. 1779. Wife: Martha. Sons: 1. Robin- 740 A. on north side of Little Creek, 2. Dempsey- 710 A. south side of Little Creek, when they come of age. Daus: 1. Judah Hunt, 2. Lucrecy Williams, 3. Priscilla Exum, 4. Rhoda Powell, 5. Mourning BRASWELL. Gr. son: Alexander Hunt. Gr. dau: Nancy Hunt. Son-in-law: Thomas Beckwith. Ex: William Williams, Joseph Exum, Jesse Powell. Wit: Wilson Vick, James Daniel, William BRASWELL.

BRASWELL, William- P. 104. April 2, 1794- May Ct. 1796. Wife: Milley. Sons: 1. Benjamin, 2. William- all my land south of Tar R., 3. John- 286 A. north side of Tar R. on Tanner's line. Daus: 1. Sarah, 2. Phereby, 3. Milly, 4. Elizabeth, 5. Penelopy, 6. Rhoda, 7. Chloe, 8. Leah, 9. Piety, 10. Bersheby. Ex: Friends- Benjamin Mannen, Solomon Batchelor, Benjamin Williams. Wit: James Moore, Joseph Ritcheson, Judah Moore.

Hunt, Sarah- Nuncupative will, P. 81. January 10, 1781- April Ct. 1792. Statement made by Sarah Hunt December 20, 1780. Son: Jesse. Daus: 1. Dicey Hunt, 2. Sarah BRASWELL. Gr. dau.: Morning Hunt, dau. of Dicey. Sworn by William BRASWELL, Sr. and Judah Hunt before Thomas Hunter.

(NOTE: Nuncupative will is a will delivered orally to witnesses rather than written.)

Odum, Jacob- P. 455. Sept. 2, 1841- Nov. Ct. 1841. Wife: Christian.---- Daus:--- 3. Mildred, wife of Jesse BRASWELL. Ex: Son James Odum and Harry Blount. Wit: B. Batchelor, Willis Ward.

Pierce, Joshua- P. 60. May 6, 1789- Aug. Ct. 1789. Wife: Elizabeth. Son: 1. Joshua- all land after death of wife. No relationship given: Celia BRASWELL, Dinah BRASWELL, Peggy Buntin, Jeremiah Buntin. Ex: William Buntin. Wit: Thomas Carter, Thomas Deans, John Sellers.

Vick, Nathan Sr.- P. 408. Oct. 28, 1834- May Ct. 1835. Wife: Mary.--- Daus:--- 3. Polly BRASWELL. Wit: John H. Vick, Pherebe Whitehead.

Winstead, Duncan H.- Chil: 1. Mary BRASWELL, wife of Columbus BRASWELL of Nash Co., 2. Wm. H. Winstead of Pitt Co.,--- No Ex. Wit: J.T. Hollingsworth and A.S. Baines.

Woodard, James- P. 233. Feb. 13, 1808? No probate date. Wife: Mary. Sons: 1. Aaron, 2. David, 3. Daniel. Daus: 1. Elizabeth Holland, 2. Kezziah Masingale, 3. Sarah Dance, 4. Mourning Jackson, 5. Mary Hunt BRASWELL. Wit: William Boddie, Burwell Woodard, David Woodard.



Putnam County, Tennessee

R.J. BRASWELL'S will, April 1, 1926: I give to my son Clay, of Dallas, Texas, $450.00- had received $550.00. To Claude BRASWELL, my son of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, I leave $450.00- had received $950.00. To my son H.E. BRASWELL, Pine Bluff, Arkansas $550.00- had received $450.00. To my son R.T. BRASWELL, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, $950.00- had received $50.00. To John B. BRASWELL my son of Evansville, Indiana $1000.00- nothing before. To my son Walter BRASWELL of San Antonio, Texas, $1000.00. Daughter Attie Jennings of Lynchburg, Virginia, $550.00- had received $500.00. Carrie BRASWELL Sadler, Daughter $550.00- had received $450.00. Daughter Ruby Hale (deceased) heirs $1000.00. Daughter Eddie B. Ward, Livingston, Tennessee $550.00- had received $450.00.




In the name of God- Amen

I, Samuel Braswell of the County of Nash and State of North Carolina, being of sound and perfect mind and memory (blessed be God) do this 30th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four, make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say:

First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife- Sarah Braswell- one negro woman named Mary Ann and one mare called Jenny to her, her heirs and assign forever.

Item, I lend to my said wife Sarah the land and plantation where I now dwell and the land and plantation where my father lived and died containing on the whole my estimation two hundred and ninety-six acres it being two parcels of land that was given me by my father also one still for and during her life or widowhood, and at her marriage or death I give the two parcels and plantation and also my still to my son Sampson Braswell to him and his heirs and assign forever.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Micajah Braswell all the cattle that he has in his possession belonging to me. One colt called Sam and my part of a ---- to him and his heirs and assign.

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Woodard one negro man named Jack and three head of sheep to her, her heirs and assign. (They had to have wool for their cloth making.)

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Braswell one feather bed and furniture and young horse Jolly. The horse to be sold and the money applied to her use, and two cows and calves to her, her heirs and assign.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Sampson Braswell one hundred acres of land I purchased of William Hunt also two hundred acres of land more of a new survey adjoining the other tract I purchased of William Hunt to him, his heirs and assign forever.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Wilson Braswell all my land that is not bequeathed in this will to my other sons, one feather bed and furniture, two cows and calves, two sows, one rifle, one chest, one pocket compass, and the colt that his mother's mare Jinny is now with foal with to him, his heirs and assign forever.

I give and bequeath to daughter Queenie Braswell one negro man named Simon, one feather bed and furniture to her, her heirs, and assign forever.

Item, I lend to my wife Sarah one negro man named Peter, and the rest and residue of my estate of all kinds whatsoever for and during her life or widowhood and at her marriage of death I give my negro man Peter to my daughter Sally Braswell to her, her heirs, and assign forever.

And after paying my just debts I leave to my wife Sarah all the residue of my estate during her life or widowhood, and at her marriage or death, to be equally divided between my two children to wit, Sampson and Sally Braswell, to them, their heirs, and assign forever.

NOTE: this (grandchildren) was added by Uncle Roy and in Parenthisis showing he added it and was what he was thinking it meant. He also read the last entry of Sally as Polly. Plus he misspelled Sallie and it should have been Sally. Remember he and Aunt Irene mimeographed his entire book each time it was published. We corrected this June 2006. EAB)

And I do hereby constitute and appoint make or ordain my worthy friends Howell Ellin and Fredrick Hines executors of this my last will and testament. I witness, whereof I the said Samuel Braswell have to this my last and will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year first above written signed, sealed, published, and declared by the Samuel Braswell, the testator, as his last will and testament in the presence of us, who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof. James Williams; Jesse Hunt; Martha Thomas.

February Court 1795, Nash County. The foregoing will was duly proven in open court by James William.

The foregoing will of Samuel BRASWELL is an exact copy from Nash County Wills Part II, Samuel BRASWELL, 1795. Photostat copy in the files of Dr. Roy Bennett BRASWELL. From the department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Remember folks, they did not have scanners when these books were done. SO they typed them using memigraph machines. What is a mimeograph machine? A mimeograph machine is a mechanical duplicator that produces copies by pressing ink onto paper through openings cut in a stencil .

I sincerely hope you NEVER have to write a paer using a stencil and Memigraph Maching! EAB




From the Department of Archives and History at Raleigh. (Nash County Wills, 1778-1859, Part L, pg. 91) The will was proven at May Court 1785.

WILLIAM BRASWELL of Nash County, being weak in body--- Wife- Margaret-- Sons Jacob, Arthur-- daughter Patience West-- daughter Dorcus Hooks-- daughter Patty Bridges-- son Samuel-- negro man Jack and the rest of the estate, he to take care of his mother during her life. Appoint son-- Samuel and John Chitty, Senior exrs.

Signed-- William (X) Braswell

Test: West (X) Daniel

Micajah Braswell