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 The accommodation on base will cost £10 per person per day. You get bed and breakfast for that. If you want meals that are not paid events (such as the dinner/dance) the midday meal is £1.97 and the evening meal is £2.82

The contact number on camp for information is 01462 752321. Its in the registration cell and you can get most information you need there. I recommend you book for the paid events on arrival. I have had to set a limit on places and they are filling up fast. See you next month. Best wishes

Chris Holtom


American Coordinators for the South West Region

 Curt Mathiasen    Guy Nelson

Hello all,

I know it has been awhile since you have heard from me and need to apologize for the lull. Numerous changes in the structure of the reunion planning at all levels and Air Force mission requirements have kept a lot of us very busy. Please don't get me wrong, work has been on going with the reunion planning. If you take a look at the Chicksands reunion page, as well as the SW Region reunion page, you will find a lot changes and important information has been added since my last e-mail.

Here at the South West Region though, we need some help and hopefully you can fill the bill. We need your thoughts and ideas not only for the Chicksands Reunion and what you would like to see, but also something for all the alums that could not make the long trip.

Now here is the good part, we are having a contest. I promise you it is not of the usual high school promotion, this one is neat. The winner will receive their very own personal web site designed with a value of approximately Five Hundred Dollars $500.00). You read it right, that's a real value of $500.00, but wait, that's not all. If you are the winner your site will be maintained for one full year at an interval not to exceed two months! That is six times. Your site will be designed and set up by Sam Braswell (videoranch.net) and will be installed on a non-fee hosting service. All you need to supply is the information you want on your site, a few pictures and your email address. Your site will also be listed, initially, with approximately 20 of the major search engines. There are two major stipulations though and those are, your site must be of a personal nature as opposed to a commercial site, and not morally offensive to anyone. Remember, we're a part of America's Team and that means we are all winners!

Judging will be by popular vote and the winner will be announced no later than November 29, 1999, in time to be up and on line before Christmas.

Send your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for a post Chicksands reunion to sambraswell@videoranch.net. As always publicity for the reunion is of primary concern and solicit any input you have as to how to get the word out to as many as possible.



"Welcome to the South West Region Homepage for the RAF Chicksands Y2K Reunion. I would like to thank Brig. Holtom for opening up the gates of Chicksands to all of us who love it so much. The entire South West Region Coordination team is working very hard to make this reunion as enjoyable as possible. Travel arrangements, lodging, and special events are currently in the works and will be continually updated as new information comes in. Our sole purpose is to make this trip as easy and enjoyable as possible, but we need your help. I hope you will find this page very informative, helpful, and entertaining. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments you have.

Curt Mathiasen SW Region Coordinator"  Y2K Reunion Coordinating Staff (19/7/1999)

 Chris Holtom, Brigadier
Commandant (19/7/1999)

  From Chicksands,

  We had a great Open Day on Saturday with well over 2000 people
  visiting the base. The Priory Tours were packed out. Local Radio
  covered the event throughout the day and they are keen to come
  next year. We got some good coverage for next year.

  I met someone who was here in the 50's who found out about the
  reunion by accident. He is not on the Internet. I hope all of you who
  read these messages and www.chicksands.com can remember
  those who do not have Internet access and let them know about
  our event. Best wishes Chris Holtom. PS, weather here hot, sunny
  and 29 degrees. Getting short of water!


  From Seminole, FL

  CHICKSANDS HISTORY: Intelligence Museum News - - -

  Chicksands Alumni and Friends have acquired the main elements of
  the centerpiece USAF display within the Chicksands Intelligence
  Museum. We now have a Hammarlund SP-600 High Frequency
  radio of the type used by the USAF at Chicksands during the
  1950s and 60s Cold War era. SP-600s were the collection
  workhorse for intercepting both Communications Intelligence and
  Communications Security targets. At one point, the old 6950th
  Radio Group operated over 200 SP-600 radios in the
  formerly-fenced "Tech Site" which still surrounds the last of the
  RAF's 250 foot antenna masts. A fatigue uniform, contributed by
  Vincent Wuwert of Toledo (Ops Baker Flight) will be worn by a
  store mannequin, posed at the SP-600 radio wearing period
  headsets contributed by former Chick, Francis E. Brandon, Jr.of
  Austin TX. The radio was purchased with funds directly donated by
  a growing list of Chicks and from the sale proceeds of history
  books and Fighting Chick shirts. We will include a list of donors with
  the exhibit, which will be dedicated next July at the Y2K Reunion.
  For now, know that all contributions are treasured and will be
  publicly acknowledged. - -

  Every former Chick should be aware of the significance of the
  antique radio we are sending to Chicksands. HF radio collection
  was what Chicksands was all about during World War 2 and
  throughout the Cold War. The need for tight secrecy surrounding
  radio intercept operations hid the identities of equipment used by
  the Ops Flights. As a result, thousands of you, who performed with
  excellence over decades in a broad spectrum of administrative and
  support specialties, may not have known about the top of the food
  chain your efforts made possible: our radios and their operators,
  copying the signals of friend and foe from all over Europe. In the
  same way that ground support staff of all career fields identify with
  the aircraft they keep or kept flying from their home air bases,
  former Chicks can point with pride to the radio that will be displayed
  as the reason the West needed Chicksands and needed all of us
  to serve there. - -

  SP-600s were retired in the 1970s and were replaced with Collins
  R-390s and we are trying to acquire one of them for display as well.
  Also on our search list is a military style typewriter used by Chick
  radio operators to copy code. And then we have a big ocean to
  cross with heavy hardware. We can use contributions in every
  amount - even a dollar bill in an envelope to CA&F Projects, POB
  4053 Crofton MD 21114. Your purchase of history books and shirts
  helps too (visit the 'store' on our webpage, www.chicksands.com ).

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