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Tom Ainslee, B. Ledbetter

The Body Language of Horses

Interpreting horse behavior

Texas Bix Bender

Don't Squat With Spurs On

A Cowboy's Guide to Life

Pamela Biddle
Joel E. Fishman

All I Need To Know I learned
From my Horse

Horse sense and wit, it'll make you smile

Sandra Burger
A.P. Knight

Horse Owners Field Guide
To Toxic Plants

Absolute must for horse owners to identify toxic plants

Ga Wa Ni Pony Boy
Gabrielle Boiselle (Photog)

Horse, Follow Closely

Native American Horsemanship

James M. Giffen, M.D.
Tom Gore, D.V.M.

Horse Owner's Veterinary

Best-selling reference book has
been revised and updated

Susan E. Harris

Gooming To Win

How to Groom, Trim, Braid, &
Prepare Your Horse for Show

Tim Hawcroft

First Aid for Horses

The Essential Quick-Reference

Karen E. N. Hayes

The Complete Book of

An Illustrated Guide for the
Foaling Attendant

Cherry Hill

101 Arena Exercises

A Ringside Guide for Horse
and Rider

Cherry Hill

Beginning English Exercises

Handy pocket guide acts as ringside tutor for novice riders.

Cherry Hill

Intermediate English

Easy-to-follow exercises for the intermediate rider.

Cherry Hill

Advanced English Exercises

Arena pocket guide for the more experienced rider.

Ray Hunt

Think Harmony With Horses

An In-Depth Study of
Horse/Man Relationship

Jessica Jahiel

Riding For The Rest Of Us

A Practical Guide For Adult

Eleanor M. Kellon, D.V.M.
Tricia Booker (Photos)

Dr. Kellon's Guide To
First Aid for Horses

Ranked No. 1 by John Lyons'
Perfect Horse magazine!

Neva Kittrell-Scheve
Thomas G. Scheve

Complete Guide to Buying...
A Horse Trailer

Detailed, authoritative must read before buying a trailer

David Krolick

Shoeing Right

Advice to Horse Owners from a Working Farrier

John Lyons
Sinclair Browning, contrib.

Lyons On Horses

John Lyons' Proven Conditioned Response Training

Jim McCall
Lynda McCall

Horses Behavin' Badly

Training Solutions for Problem

Mary D. Midkiff

Fitness, Performance and the
Female Equestrian

Physical conditioning improves
riding ability and position, etc.

Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.

Imprint Training: Of The
Newborn Foal

Bond with your foal using first critical moments at birth.

Pat Parelli

Carol Lynn Pearce

Natural Horse-Man-Ship

The Adventure Starts Here...

An absolute must have book

Novice Amateur Experience
A Beginners Guide to Showing

Eleanor F. Prince
Gaydell M. Collier- contrib.

Basic Horse Care

Companion to the best seller-
Basic Horsemanship

Mark Rashid

A Good Horse Is Never
A Bad Color

A great story gently told-
a must read for horse lovers.

Mark Rashid

Considering the Horse

Tales of Problems Solved and
Lessons Learned

Monty Roberts

The Man Who Listens
To Horses

The book that revived interest
in equine communication

Deborah Eve Rubin

Horse Trivia:
A Hippofile's Delight

Fun facts and equine trivia

Richard Shrake

Resistance-Free Riding

Top judge & clinician shares his knowledge on training.

Sharon B. Smith

The Affordable Horse

A Guide to Low-Cost

Charlene Strickland

Competing in Western
Shows & Events

Top Quarter Horse competitor
shares her secrets for winning.

Charlene Strickland

Show Grooming the
Look of a Winner

Show preparation primer for horse and rider.

Sally Swift

Centered Riding

Guide to using your mind and body effectively.

Mary Twelveponies
Mark Thiffault- Designer

Everyday Training:
Backyard Dressage

New book from respected
author, Mary Twelveponies.

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