In the beginning...

When we started the VideoRanch Web Page, it was just as the name implied. A ranch that had horses and video work helped support the horses (see "Ranch Residents"). Of course the Family Video Album was the first page finished and as other related services were offered up on the net we started getting inquiries about just what went into a family video. This, of course, ultimately led us to publishing on the Internet the family book "Following The Braswells In America" which my uncle, Dr. R.B. Braswell started and my daughter, Joy, and wife, Liz, finished.

In the book there is a section on military records and guess what was there... along with many other Braswells, I too was listed as serving in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Chicksands.

Through the power of Search Engines Brig. Chris Holtom found our little entry on Chicksands and left a message in the Guest Book to which I replied. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. This guy, Chris Holtom, can literally sell not only refrigerators to Eskimos, he will also include a versatile and highly recommended upright freezer to close the deal! But wait! That's not all. If you sign the deal right now, he will also include a one year supply of ice cubes absolutely free! Is he ever good?

He knows Americans very well, indeed he does. He knows how friendly we are, for the most part, and he knows we enjoy helping out any bloke in need. He told me how Jed needed help with the South West Region and later it was Curt Mathiasen and before I knew what was happening I was in up to my neck. We added the "Chicksands Southwest Region" pages and we were off and running. Well, Jed is gone and so too is Curt and here I am, still running and still digging. My ol' pappy used to tell me "son, when your in over your head, quit digging." Well, he never met Chris Holtom! And that is a fact!

So, in effect, all are linked together and each tends to feed the others. We have many guests visiting the VideoRanch site and click on to "Chicksands" or the "Braswell Book." FYI, the Braswell Book has become a major research and reference tool for many Braswells; The Chicksands Pages have had over 17,000 visitors and here I am... still digging.

To a very large extent Chicksands has been a center point in my life for it was there I married Elizabeth whose family has its origin in England as do mine. My emigrant Braswell, I'm 17th generation, graduated Oxford in the Fifteenth Century and came to the Colonies during the early 1600's. He was the second Pastor of the oldest church in the nation which is now a national landmark. We can date him to 1635.

So there, in a nutshell, is how this got started and has evolved, along with us. I do have one question and that is "is there anyone out there, preferably with a few extra million or so, that would like to help a poor ol' Brigadier build a museum?"