The Way We Were


    - This is a limited two volume final edition. Order link is at the bottom of the page.

    We came from all over the country. We came from every facet of life. And together we served as one in defense of our country and became known as "The Americans at Chicksands." From the introduction.


    Now available in DVD format it is two times bigger than the VHS edition.

    It is now in two volumes on two separate DVDs. The total time for both DVDs is 1:41:05 including two bonus features, one on each DVD.

     Volume one consisting of six chapters plus the bonus feature will definitely bring a smile, an occasional tear, a few chuckles and a good ol' belly laugh or two.

  2. Included in Volume One you will find the:
    1. 1. Prologue and introduction.
    2. 2. Five chapters consisting of the five
    3. ccdecades of American presence at the
    4. zzSands including the Fifties, Sixties,.
    5. zzSeventies, Eighties and a part of the
    6. zzNineties Plus the special bonus feature.
    7. 3. Epilogue

    9. Volume Two which really should have been entitled "The Way We Are Today" adds to the nostalgia. Its chapters include:

    10.  1. Nearby towns and communities
    11.  2. The Priory
    12.  3. The Priory before, during and zzzafter.restoration
    13.  4. The Opening of the Intelligence
    14. xxxMuseum
    15.  5. Rededication of the Memorial Wall
    16.  6. Reunion highlights and closing
    17. zzzcredits
    18.  7. The bonus feature.

    This is history, our history and it's the story that needed to be told. It is now ready in DVD format. As Bill Grayson pointed out in his "I have a mission" speech at the Y2K reunion "What you did here, counted." And, in retrospect, we all know that it did.

    Cover Page for DVDIt is about American men and women who served at Chicksands - with one exception. Among the photos is a an image scanned directly from the original transparency taken in 1954. It has been studied by many paranormal researchers and checked by the Kodak laboratory in London. Many believe it is the ghostly apparition of Rosata, the disgraced nun. So, by all means, get into the spirit of things and let us know what you think.
    Chicks of the 50s will find the rare photos of the rocket attack on Chicksands and its fallout to be of particular interest. There are many new photos of the very early days which lay a foundation for development over the years.
    Chicks of the Sixties will delight in seeing the pictures of Johnny Cash, June Carter and Carl Perkins at the NCO Club.
    While the Chicks of the Seventies were somewhat laid back and"cool," the guys and gals of the Eighties, in their words and pictures, let it all hang out and, after work, of course, they knew how to party... and party they did!

    The nineties saw our presence at Chicksands drawing to a close and the photos present a more serene, nostalgic view of the place we all, ever so briefly, called home... Chicksands.

     After hundreds of photos together with video clips, over 400 transitions (many of which are special effects), 300+ titles and special music, it is done! I used almost every picture you sent... some were of great quality, carefully composed while others were more of a point and shoot method possibly with a Kodak "Brownie." No matter, each was a part of our Chicksands experience and went into the telling our story.
    The DVD disc is of the highest quality we could find. It is hub branded and utilizes a metallic dye instead of the usual vegetable dye found on lesser quality discs. The DVD, its presentation case, artwork and printing are all intended to make this a lasting treasure to be passed on to generations to come. The length of the two DVDs combined is 1:41:04 and is recorded in surround sound.

    It is my sincere wish that this video will allow you to recall those special friends, events and unique times we all shared in that place that now seems ever so magical... Chicksands. I also hope you will enjoy your nostalgic trip into yesteryear and please, take a moment to remember our MIAs and those gone PCS to a much higher command.
    Cheerio, mates.

    Sam Braswell
    October, 2004

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